Splinter (2008)

Here is another film I just can't wait for. "Splinter" chronicles the trials and tribulations of a couple "trapped in an isolated gas station by a voracious Splinter parasite that transforms its still living victims into deadly hosts". I'm sold! Take a look at the trailer.

Dexter 3.04 "All in the Family"

Just like Dexter has to live a double life as both a serial killer and a cop, the show Dexter has had to do double time as both a show about a serial killer and a cop show. Since cop shows are a dime a dozen and we happen to live in an age of really good cop shows like The Shield and The Wire, Dexter's Miami PD just isn't that exciting. Obviously the draw of Dexter is the serial killer show (have there ever been any other shows about serial killers?).

Oh Snap, Amy Poehler's Moose rap

You know, there was a lot of funny stuff going on on SNL this weekend. You had Alec Baldwin talking to Sarah Palin backstage and repeatedly calling her "Tina". You even had Mark Wahlberg coming face to face with Andy Samberg, presumably talking about what it's like to have strangely similar last names. In fact, all the commotion garnered SNL the show's highest rating in over 13 years.

Box Office Special - Bringing the Payne

Most of us have gotten pretty comfortable with the video game to movie adaptation. Sure, there's still some hurdles to overcome, but by and large directors are starting to figure out how to turn small-screen button-mashing into cinema that is at least watchable if not good. So while it seems that "Max Payne," the most recent in the long line of video game film adaptations, may not be particularly good, it was good enough to take home the top spot at the box office this weekend with a comfortable margin.

Hell Ride DVD Review

The Movie

"Bad-ass biker Pistolero (Larry Bishop) hits the road to avenge the killing of his lover Cherokee Kisum (Julia Jones) by a rival motorcycle gang the 666ers, along with his brother The Gent (Michael Madsen) and the mysterious Comanche (Eric Balfour)."

Okay folks, pay close attention here. What you're about to watch is what a mid life crisis is going to feel like when the time comes for you.

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