Timothy Friend

Timothy Friend is the writer/director of a great little Indie feature called "Bonnie and Clyde Vs Dracula". After getting an early look at the film, I decided to track him down and see how exactly he came up with this wacky concept. The results are as follows.

The concept of the film is pretty out there, where did you first get the
idea from?

Halloween in NYC, 2008

Here are some pictures from Friday night. My girlfriend outdid herself by creating the two Strangers costumes you will see. I'm Hellboy, and no that's NOT Jason Voorhees, but my friend Ray had a nostalgic episode and dressed up like Casey Jones, from Ninja Turtle fame. A lot of these pictures were taken in Union Square. Trust you'll find oompa loompas, Captain Planet, and a few Spidermen. Enjoy, here's the link to these photos, hosted on Photobucket...


The Nuclear Edge--Election Day

So, I sprained my ankle playing basketball Monday morning. Eh, happens. Anyway, as I was going to work, I put my Spurs hat on backwards, donned my leather jacket to protect against the elements, and decided to wear my leather boots since I could lace them up and keep my ankle stable.

So as I'm getting to work, I realize that not only am I wearing a backwards hat, a leather jacket and heavy boots, but my jeans have a tear in them, I'm wearing a Motorhead shirt, and limping. Barring a facial scar and my bullet belt, I don't think I have ever appeared more "metal" in my life.

Family Reunion... of Tears!

I had the chance to catch Argento's "Mother of Tears" on the big screen during its incredibly brief and limited theatrical run. Walking out into the sunlight, I basically just felt confused. For a theater going experience, "Tears" was almost too bad to be believed. And not just like, "Oh, that actress wasn't, you know, real" bad, but downright "Was the director high?" bad.

Go out and vote today!

For those of you that have listened to this week's podcast, the choice should be simple. For those of you that haven't, listen to it and then rush to the polls and vote! I know a lot of you live in swing states and as such, you are doubly required! All of our worldwide friends can do their part by crossing all of their crossables that things turn out ok!

Happy Election Day! (hopefully)

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