15 Minutes of Video Game Deaths!

I'm mid-way through my second playthrough of EA's Dead Space, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. As the game became more challenging, I came to notice one of the most underappreciated aspects of a game: the death scenes. Naturally, when you're playing a game, you want to avoid death at all costs, but in today's games, death is often inevetable. Thankfully, a game like Dead Space makes the experience less...errr...painful by offering up dozens of unique eviscerations to take the edge off.

Horror Headlines: Wednesday, October 5th 2008

Oh Jesus... now Romero's making a zombie-western, set on an island. I officially have no interest in this film, who's coming with me?

The director of the "Donnie Darko" sequel is understandably sensitive about how fans are going to react to the film. At the link, some interesting thoughts about following up the unlikely cult classic.

First pictures from the Stephen King adaptation "Dolan's Cadillac"... or as I like to call it, "Christian Slater looking like a pimp".

So see if you can follow me on this one. The director of "Bend it Like Beckham", Gurinder Chadha, is making a horror comedy titled "It's a Wonderful Afterlife". The play on the classic Jimmy Stewart film follows a "British-Asian mother whose obsession to marry off her daughter comically leads to serial murder." That is officially the most multi-culti thing we have ever reported on here.

John Carpenter's "RIOT", starring Nicholas Cage. More at the link... sounds pretty interesting.

In Real People News: 

Japanese scientists think they might be able to clone a frozen woolly mammoth. In other news, if they do this I'm never buying a car again. It's all mammoth for me baby!

It's official, we have our first "Dexter" copy cat!... it sounds like there was a little bit of Jason thrown in there too. Hey, I guess if you're going to kill someone you might as well learn from the best.

Meth in the trick or treat bag? No thanks. That's almost as bad as Casey and his religious pamphlets.

On this day in history: 

1605: Parliament is scheduled for detonation in the notorious Gunpowder Plot, in which Catholic conspirators attempted to roll back protestantism in England. Thirty-six barrels of black powder were uncovered in the cellar, and fuses were found in Guy Fawkes' pocket. In consequence, Fawkes was beheaded. Britains now celebrate his death with warm beer and fireworks.

Timothy Friend

Timothy Friend is the writer/director of a great little Indie feature called "Bonnie and Clyde Vs Dracula". After getting an early look at the film, I decided to track him down and see how exactly he came up with this wacky concept. The results are as follows.

The concept of the film is pretty out there, where did you first get the
idea from?

Halloween in NYC, 2008

Here are some pictures from Friday night. My girlfriend outdid herself by creating the two Strangers costumes you will see. I'm Hellboy, and no that's NOT Jason Voorhees, but my friend Ray had a nostalgic episode and dressed up like Casey Jones, from Ninja Turtle fame. A lot of these pictures were taken in Union Square. Trust you'll find oompa loompas, Captain Planet, and a few Spidermen. Enjoy, here's the link to these photos, hosted on Photobucket...


The Nuclear Edge--Election Day

So, I sprained my ankle playing basketball Monday morning. Eh, happens. Anyway, as I was going to work, I put my Spurs hat on backwards, donned my leather jacket to protect against the elements, and decided to wear my leather boots since I could lace them up and keep my ankle stable.

So as I'm getting to work, I realize that not only am I wearing a backwards hat, a leather jacket and heavy boots, but my jeans have a tear in them, I'm wearing a Motorhead shirt, and limping. Barring a facial scar and my bullet belt, I don't think I have ever appeared more "metal" in my life.

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