Episode 51 - "Freaks"


This week we tackle the legend of Todd Browning's 1932 film "Freaks", and Louis Fowler stops by to take "Twilight" fans down a notch.

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Horror Headlines: Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

The official site for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans", has gotten a huge update, including new media and a shiny new interface. I will not argue with anything that brings more Rhona Mitra in my life.

"Hatchet" director Adam Green talks to Fangoria about how producers are hounding him to make "Hatchet 2". He's even had an offer that would put the film in theaters next September, but he wants to wait to make sure the story is right. He also maintains that he isn't interested in directing the second one, but doesn't seem to have completely ruled the possibility out.

Warner Bro's "I Am Legend" prequel has morphed into a sequel, with Will Smith playing a huge part of the development. People wonder why I hate Will Smith. It's because he is a buzz kill. You could have the most dangerous, boundary pushing script in the world, and Will Smith could come in as a producer and you'd wind up making The Teletubbies. He sucks, plain and simple.

In Real People News: 

So the supposed serial killer who was offing Japanese pension officials, was really just avenging the death of his pet 34 years ago. Kind of sounds like the plot of an 80's slasher, no?

Speaking of over the top movie deaths, British born playboy has been convicted of throwing his model girlfriend off the side of a cliff. Doesn't anyone use guns anymore?

On this day in history: 

1997: The Weekly World News reports that the Japanese have a fetishistic attraction to US Attorney General Janet Reno. Excuse me while I vomit.

Entry 4: What are Your Favorite Zombie Flix?

This is good to know...

Hey party people! Time is of the essence so I'll get right to it...

Return to Sleepaway Camp (REVIEW)

Twenty five years ago Angela Baker terrorized Camp Arawak after her psychological breakdown. Two other times beyond that she returned to wreak havoc and take revenge on camp bullies. Cut to today; welcome to Camp Manabe, run by greedy Frank and his half partner Ronnie. Arawak has been shutdown and demolished, but Angela’s been locked up for years, so no need to worry about that. So it’s business as usual for summer camp hijinks. Counselors screw, kids horse around, and bullies pick on the awkward. Enter Alan; he’s overweight, smelly, strange, and pushy.

Dexter 3.09 "About Last Night"

Well, what d'ya know? Not only did Miguel go rogue and break the Code almost immediately after being introduced to the ways of bad guy killin', it now looks like he's been setting up Dexter from the start. I'm looking forward to an exceptionally pissed off Dexter in the last few episodes.

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