HEROES 3.09 - "It's Coming"

What a polarized episode! For every good scene in this episode there was an equally craptastic one to balance it out. Unfortunately, that balance doesn't hold, and the crap starts overflowing.

Episode 50 - "Ginger Snaps: Unleashed"


Our review of "Ginger Snaps: Unleashed" leads us to spirited discussions on the pseudo-illness "female hysteria" and the disturbing trend of "purity balls".

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Horror Headlines: Monday, November 17th, 2008

Dark Castle's next film will be titled "Summoner", and sounds like the same old supernatural crap they've been toying with for years now. But at least it's not another remake, I guess.

Simon Pegg to star in movie called "Paul", which is about a couple of British fanboys who visit area 51 after leaving Comic-Con, and meet a tiny alien along the way. Yes, that is all true. It's also being co-produced by Edgar Wright ("Shaun of the Dead"), and Greg Motolla ("Superbad").

These are pics of Mezco toys line from the new "Friday the 13th" remake, specifically, one Jason with a hockey mask and one with a burlap sack. Looks like they're going all out with recreating aspects from the first three films.

If you can stand to read it without banging your head on the wall, here's "Cloverfield" director Matt Reeves talkin about his remake of the Swedish film "Let the Right One in".

The directors of "Inside" are officially OFF the "Halloween" remake sequel. How many people have they run off at this point? Rumor has it that Weinstein's would now like Rob Zombie to produce, with an unnamed director to be chosen in the future.

The company making the "Saw" video game has gone out of business, leaving the title in limbo.

Herbert West: Reanimator TV series? It will be a combination of the "Reanimator" mythos with themes from Lovecraft's earlier works and some scifi thrown in for good measure. The pilot will shoot in 2009 and presumably look to be picked up from there.

In Real People News: 

First that chick carving the "B" in her face during the Presidential campaign, now a girl in Germany has admitted to making up a story about being attacked by Neo-Nazis, complete with carving a swastika in her own leg. Is this some kind of trend I'm unaware of?

Woman divorces husband for cheating on her... in Second Life. Really only worth reading for the hilarious side by side pictures of the people and their avatars. Really?

So some French dude thinks he knows how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. I don't know, I still say E.T. was involved.

On this day in history: 

1796: Empress Catherine the Great dies of a stroke while sitting on the toilet. How regal!

Dexter 3.08 "The Damage a Man Can Do"

One thing the previous two seasons of Dexter did well was putting all the characters in place, setting all the situations in motion and letting them play out to an exciting and worthwhile finale. We passed the midpoint of this season a few weeks back and after tonight's episode we can guess at some of the treats the backend of Season 3 holds for us. I think it's its going to be a fun ride from here on out.

BGH Book Club: The Pale Blue Eye

Writing this past August in my review of "Mirrors," I linked the mystery and horror genres as structural siblings — literary kissing cousins, if you will. The overarching point was that in both types of film there's something hidden or unexplained that an inquisitive soul — who we could call the detective — tries to explore or explain away.

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