Horror Headlines 10/3/08

Edward Furlong cast in the "Night of the Demons" remake?. That was probably the last thing I had expected to read when I woke up this morning except maybe, oh I don't know... "Paul Ruebens to play Freddy Krueger".

"Punisher: War Zone" has been rated "R", and "Max Payne" has been given a "PG-13". I'm not all that interested in Punisher, but man am I fascinated by the possible trainwreck that is "Max Payne". Somehow I still think it might be good... am I crazy?

Jonathan Liebesman to direct "Battle: Los Angeles", for Columbia pictures, which is being described as "Black Hawk Down" meets "Independence Day". As long as no one says "awww hell nawww", this sounds like it has mega potential to me.

In Real People News: 

Principal who threw feces at young boy gets reassigned to another school. Come on folks, haven't we all wanted to fling some poo at a kid at one point in our lives?

On this day in history: 

1995: A jury finds Orenthal James Simpson not guilty for the murders of Nichole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

The Cursed--Room Full of Sinners review

To recap, I would almost never review an album that's been out over a year. Still, three people have come to me in the last week, telling me that they're still listening to this album heavily after six months. So I figured I might as well try to get it out there to some more people.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.04

Allison from Palmdale

This show makes it increasingly harder to call myself a fan.

In the fourth episode of this season, the writers decided that we need to see some more of the softer side of Sarah Connor and more of the damage done to Cameron from last season's finale. Cameron and John head out to the grocery store, Sarah takes the pregnant landlord to the hospital.

I kid you not.

Comics Creepshow 9: Dead Space


Horror Headlines 10/2/08

The new T-1000 has boobs, at least if this new poster for "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" is to be believed. Is there a reason why all the Terminators on this show are waifish chicks? Not that I'm complaining about hot women, but come on now.

So the writers of "Eagle Eye" were at one point working on a script for "Blade Runner 2", even though now one of the writers claims that the team has split. Still, it's possible there's a script floating around out there somewhere. Hey, at least it's not a remake, I guess?

"Resident Evil Degeneration", the full CGI film that follows "Extinction" in the series, will screen in Japan on October 8th. After that, it will screen at the NYC horror film fest on November 14th, and Fango will be holding a screening in LA on November 18th.

First pic from "Wrong Turn 3", which is being directed by Declan O’Brien. Back when I interviewed Joe Lynch last Winter, he said there was a very specific idea that he liked, and if they picked that script he would have be directing this followup to his sequel. I guess we can take this to mean that they in fact, did not pick that idea.

In Real People News: 

So who are you voting for, Barack Obama, or Kung Fu Fatty? At the link, the first article to teach me how ridiculously awesome Brazil is.

Guy robs armored truck, escapes down river in inner tube. Greatest heist ever? I think so.

I guess those airport screeners aren't being overzealous after all, since it turns out you really can kill someone with a pair of tweezers. I'm assuming it takes a while, but still.

On this day in history: 

1871: Mormon prophet Brigham Young is arrested for cohabitating with a 16-year-old girl.

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