Comics Creepshow 12: Ghost Rider

The creation of a quality horror comics today, is very similar to the process the creators of “classic” horror films from the 1980’s followed. This is according to a conversation Tim Seeley, creator of HACK/SLASH, had on the most recent episode of the ‘Around Comics’ pod cast. To paraphrase Seeley, he said that the most famous of horror films from the 80’s and 90’s were all independent made films. He listed ‘Friday The Thirteenth”, “Halloween” and “Re-Animator” as examples.

Horror Headlines: Friday October 24th, 2008

If you have the stomach for that kind of thing (in more ways than one), "Saw V" opens in theaters everywhere today. The BGH Podcast will be subjecting themselves to it for review this weekend. Never let it be said that we won't take one for the team.

Finally, a decent poster for "My Name is Bruce". The film, directed by Bruce Campbell, is readying itself for a limited release on October 30th.

I hesitate to do this after the fiasco from the other day, but here's the official Teaser Trailer for "Friday the 13th". I'm actually digging Mrs. Voorhees voiceover in this one, despite the fact that rumors have claimed she will be cut from the film.

Crispin Glover has signed on to Tim Burton's "Alice", his big budget reimagining of Alive in Wonderland. That's about as genius as casting gets folks.

Trailer for "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans". The only thing keeping me interested at this point is the substitution of Rhona Mitra for Kate Beckinsale, so that doesn't bode well for a movie about vampires fighting werewolves.

And here it is folks, the first trailer for "My Bloody Valentine 3D"! My interview with director Patrick Lussier will appear in the next issue of Horror Hound Magazine. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the awesomeness below. This is going TO ROCK. (and as Lussier told us a month or so ago, don't be surprised if you see this in front of prints of "Saw V" this weekend)

In Real People News: 

Since it's Friday, and I did kind of mess a few of you up yesterday with that giant spider story, here's a feel-good story about the world's oldest living organ. Awww... isn't that special.

Next time your wife/girlfriend/significant other complains about your gas, tell them you're just watching your blood pressure... and thank me later.

As mentioned by Drew in his latest blog, Dr. Pepper has vowed to keep their promise to give everyone in America a free soda if Guns 'n Roses' long awaited album "Chinese Democracy" is released in 2008. A recent announcement from the band claimed it will be released next month, leaving even the soft drink maker admittedly a little surprised.

Some Sherpas in Nepal claim to have photographed Yeti footrprints. Where's Leonard Nimoy and his creepy music when you need him?

On this day in history: 

2002: The Washington Sniper attacks come to an end when John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo are arrested. The pair chose victims at random, then shot at them with a sniper rifle. In three weeks, they killed ten people and critically injured three others before a suspicious trucker noticed the pair napping at a rest stop.

An Old Fan Re-Discovers Gold

I used to be a horror fan.

My memory is that (it) began a long, long time ago. I had been faithfully watching horror flix and the like on TV. Omaha had an awesome horror series called "Creature Feature with Dr. San Guinary" that ran from 1971-1981. This was the gateway drug to this particular brand of medicine.

The Nuclear Edge--Emergency Update

Okay, so just the other day, I posted (and I'm sure you've seen here or somewhere by now,) that the Guns n' Roses album "Chinese Democracy" will be released November 23rd. Yes, it's been delayed for a baker's dozen years. Yes, we all made the joke about there being a democracy in China before there being a "Chinese Democracy." No, I don't know who could possibly be listed as band members in the liner notes. At this point, there's a slim but fair chance that you and I could be in there.

A "SHOCKING" Wrestling Costume

I'm still trying to think up of a dynamite costume to wow all of my friends with this year, and I'm running out of time. I still haven't decided yet, but whenever I ponder Halloween costumes from year to year, I always think of this brilliant moment is wrestling wardrobe history...(fast forward to 3:26 if you want to skip the awesome badness of the opening part of this segment)

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