Cannibal Holocaust Comes in the Mail.

I have never really been one to toot my own horn, so now the fucking thing is clogged with great ideas.

So it's Thanksgiving Day and I know the traditional thing is to mention a few things I am thankful for. Truth be told I am NOT one of those 'glass half full' kind of people but, whether I choose to acknowledge them or not, I have far more than my fair share of things to be thankful for. The standards: loving parents, a sister who loves me, a beautiful wife who is a wonderful Mother, more good friends than I am able to maintain, reconnecting with LONG LOST FRIENDS across the globe:

Maxim traps Mortal Kombat announcer

...and makes him say silly things!

Comics Creepshow 17: City of Dust

HAPPY POST-THANKSGIVING! What are you thankful for this year?


Oh, how 'Lost', 'Heroes' (the first season) and other television shows with ongoing stories have spoiled us. We can no longer tolerate non-mythology, monster of the week type episodes in a season. These episodes, which don't seem to be connected to the "big picture" of the show in discussion, made up the majority of a season for shows like 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and the 'X-files', and also seems to be the main type of episode for this season of 'Fringe'.

Rant: That's Happening with a zzzzzzzzzz...

So , I was in L.A. working last weekend and I stayed at the home a taste impaired friend. You may well have this guy in your circle of chums. He is the intensely passionate but completely indiscriminate film lover. No matter what flashes across the screen, my boy is lovin' it. And I do mean no matter WHAT it is.

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