Episode 47 - "Saw V"


I act like Jigsaw by subjecting the whole crew to "Saw V", and the results were a little more nuanced than expected.

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Horror Headlines: Monday October 27th, 2008

Rumor Mill: George Clooney is reportedly in talks to headline the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". Producers will not say one way or the other, which actually lends some credence to this wacky story.

I had no idea about this 3D slasher called "Scar", starring the lovely Angela Bettis. Apparently it's a UK film, which gets a sneak peak on Halloween with a wide release on November 7th.

The official site for the "Friday the 13th" remake has gone live. Right now you can check out the trailer, a few stills and some downloadable goodies from the film.

This is kind of a cool little story, apparently the original short film used to pitch the original "Saw" to Lionsgate has surfaced online. As long as it's all "Saw" around here, you might as well check it out. Go ahead, I know you want to.

In Real People News: 

Child molesting clown alert! It must be Monday.

These guys could have used some tips from Dexter before trying to chop up the body of a drug dealer in their bathtub. It's all about the plastic wrap guys, all about the plastic wrap.

The government believes that Twitter and other similar applications that can be used with GPS enabled mobile phones, could be used by terrorists. Well, daddy Government, better take it away from us then. Just tell us it's un-American to use Twitter, that should take care of everything.

On this day in history: 

1999: Five gunmen storm the Armenian Parliament with machine guns, killing the prime minister, Vazgen Sarkisian, and seven other high officials on live television. The gunmen surrender the following day, after holding a large number of parliament members hostage. The motive behind the attack seems to have been protesting government corruption.

Apocalypse Mixtape Part VIII: The Season of the Witch

Well, friends, it's that most wonderful time of year again when you can buy fake blood in any drugstore, there's always a horror movie playing somewhere on tv and mini-sized candy bars rain down from the skies. If Halloween isn't your favorite holiday, then you're probably on the wrong site. Don't worry, the internet's big; with a little creative googling you can probably find that website dedicated to all forms of Christopher Columbus or Labor-based entertainment you've always dreamed of.


I have a confession... I have never seen a "Saw" sequel. Not one, ever. The original was released at a time in 2003 when I was beginning to drift away from the horror genre. Having avoided it in it's original theatrical run, I caught it on video almost a full year later, and to my surprise really loved what the film had to offer. It was dark, intense, and oh what a twist! It's also a complete film though, and so when I heard they were making a sequel not long after the original's release, I was more than a little dumbfounded.

Comics Creepshow 12: Ghost Rider

The creation of a quality horror comics today, is very similar to the process the creators of “classic” horror films from the 1980’s followed. This is according to a conversation Tim Seeley, creator of HACK/SLASH, had on the most recent episode of the ‘Around Comics’ pod cast. To paraphrase Seeley, he said that the most famous of horror films from the 80’s and 90’s were all independent made films. He listed ‘Friday The Thirteenth”, “Halloween” and “Re-Animator” as examples.

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