What's Everyone Going As For Halloween?

(I don't condone dog Halloween costumes, but I may have to make an exception for this one)

I have lots of problems with Halloween costumes. For various and sundry reasons, I haven't had a good costume in about 4 years. Here are just a few...

- My friends suck and refuse to dress up. You can plan a costume party for months, and half of my asshole friends will show up without one complaining about money and time.

Vote For Prisoner Abel's Short Film

Reader and friend of the site Prisoner Abel currently has a short film, called "Apathy Breeds Contempt", up for voting in the NYC Horror Film fest's online competition.

Below is the trailer for the film. So if you want help support his work, visit the site here and vote for his film. All you have to do is sign up for the site and log in, and then vote away.

Here is the trailer, so show him a little BGH love and help him out with the competition!

Halloween Memories

(This post was originally made at Cinema Fromage as my first installment for The League of Tana Tea Drinkers)

Horror Headlines: Tuesday October 28th, 2008

New "Repo: A Genetic Opera" clip. The film, from Saw II, III and IV director Darren Lynn Bousman, will get a limited theatrical release November 7th. Following that, Bousman will be going on a road trip to promote the film, leading up to it's DVD release.

Two more of Clive Barker's "Books of Blood" stories are coming to a big screen (possibly) near you. Let's just hope these actually get a chance at a wide theatrical release, as opposed to say, "Midnight Meat Train".

New site and 2nd trailer for "The Haunting in Connecticut". Man, I am NOT looking forward to this one.

Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, Eleanor Tomlinson and composer Danny Elfman have all joined Tim Burton's "Alice", which is being described as not being "your fluffly lollipop Disney movie".

"Anaconda 3", starring David Hasselhoff? I can't wait for the climactic scene where he eats a cheeseburger while shirtless. Should be chilling.

Haven't heard anything about "The Last House on The Left" remake in a while now, but here's an interview with the guy who plays Krug in the film. And of course, he looks like a model. Still though, I have to agree with his assertion that this film could use a remake. Have you see the original in a while? It doesn't exactly hold up very well.

In Real People News: 

8 year old accidentally kills himself with a fully automatic Uzi, which was handed to him by his father. I'm all for the 2nd amendment people... but this seems like a lack of judgment to me... no?

Apparently one of the dangers of selling homebrew ingredients for beer is that alcoholics can make a sort of "super juice" that sounds really disgusting but is pretty fascinating to read about. I know JoeyCNews is all over this story.

So some guy has gone ahead and tried to calculate how much the Iraq War has cost the American people by seeing what else that money could have bought. Apparently, with the same amount of money we could have paved our entire highway system with 24 karat gold. Hot damn. Although I would have preferred that we all get gold teeth, that's still pretty shocking.

On this day in history: 

1922: Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini seizes power in Italy, with the assistance of the Catholic Church. Pope Pius XI declared "Mussolini is a man sent by divine providence." In return for this endorsement, the silly dictator signs the Lateran treaty, restoring papal sovereignty over the Vatican.


The cast of ‘Heroes’ is on the cover of the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly. Inside, there is an article listing the five ways ‘Heroes’ can save itself, and become worthy of being called one of NBC’s biggest shows. I will go over those points in detail, in my next blog, since ‘Fringe’, the other show I cover, is a repeat this week. For now, here is a brief rundown of what happened in tonight’s yawner of an episode entitled “ERIS QUOD SUM” :

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