Dexter 3.08 "The Damage a Man Can Do"

One thing the previous two seasons of Dexter did well was putting all the characters in place, setting all the situations in motion and letting them play out to an exciting and worthwhile finale. We passed the midpoint of this season a few weeks back and after tonight's episode we can guess at some of the treats the backend of Season 3 holds for us. I think it's its going to be a fun ride from here on out.

BGH Book Club: The Pale Blue Eye

Writing this past August in my review of "Mirrors," I linked the mystery and horror genres as structural siblings — literary kissing cousins, if you will. The overarching point was that in both types of film there's something hidden or unexplained that an inquisitive soul — who we could call the detective — tries to explore or explain away.

Entry 2.5: "Feast" and "Feast II"

Now, supposedly this pic is from “Feast II” but I haven't seen the film, yet, so I don't know. I sure hope it is ‘cause if it isn’t then that will suck. This is awesome!!

So here’s a funny story…

“Black Sheep” arrived in the mail. I pulled the disc out and saw that it was a double feature. “Black Sheep” and “Tommy Boy”. That sucked. Worthy of Shenanigans? When I moved the film to the top of my queue I actually wondered what the chances of that mix-up were.

Concert review--AC/DC

Sometimes, you see a great one. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough, you see THE Great one. (Not Wayne Gretzky in this case.)

AC/DC at Madison Square Garden last night. I don’t even have proper superlatives for this show. Amazing seems passé, awesome seems insufficient, phenomenal an understatement.

You know times are tough when...

Not sure if Eric reported this in the daily news headlines, but apparently thieves made off with a Russian church. The whole thing. And for awhile nobody noticed...maybe the header of this should have been "you know you have too many churches when..."

This is not the church in the story, just liked the picture.

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