Horror Headlines 10/9/08

Wesley Strick is NOT directing the "Nightmare on Elm st." remake... but he is indeed writing it as previously reported. A small misprint in Variety yesterday sent the online horror community abuzz that Strick would also be directing.

We all figured that Linnea Quigley would make a cameo in the "Night of the Demons" remake, but now we have confirmation. As well as word that she will be doing "something familiar". I think we all know what that means.

Just for my buddy Louis, here's a list of Scifi original movies the cable channel is working on for the upcoming year. Apparently ratings continue to steadily increase, and there's no end in sight for the conveyor belt of bad-CGI centric films. "Malibu Shark Attack", here I come!

In Real People News: 

Bus driver stops bus on railroad tracks, threatens to get off and let the train hit the kids. Man, and you thought your bus driver was a bitch when you were a kid.

Ever want to see what the grave of a morbidly obese person looks like? Me neither, but since I know you're like me, you've probably already clicked on the link.

Bust out the foil hats! Aliens have scheduled a visit for October 14th. Or so this UFO site wants us to believe. I mean, these people would be the ones to know, right?

The national debt clock has run out of digits to adequately display the amount of money we owe to Chinese banks, so they will be adding more next year. And still, no one is burning at the stake for this.

On this day in history: 

1989: Three aliens and their UFO visit Voronezh, USSR, according to the TASS news agency.

Concert Review--Buckethead

Knowing that what I was walking into could turn out to be anything, and having no serious expectation for what "anything" might be, I grabbed my Buckethead ticket and was off to the venue.

The opening act for Buckethead was a musician named Mike Silverman, more commonly referred to as "That 1 Guy." I entered the din just as his act was beginning. One of my Agents In The Field had alerted me to the performance of That 1 Guy, telling me in vague detail that his act could be worth paying attention to. That said, I entered, found a place to stand comfortably, and watched.

Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (REVIEW)

In 2005 we saw the birth of the Project Greenlight produced film “Feast”, and it was pretty damn good. Now three years later the studios have opted to tackle the story of mutant monsters once again, carrying on right where the first left off; actually, exactly where the first one left off! It’s the next day and the monsters have moved on to a nearby small town. We gather together once again as small group of people band together to protect themselves from the fearsome beasts.

The October Challenge #2

Well folks, the the pain and suffering continues as October rolls along; so far I'm still alive! I've decided this week to break these challenge posts up because otherwise, you're going to have a HELL of a lot of reading to do on Friday! The truth is, I'm an addict. I make up this big song and dance about an October Challenge, but it's not that far from real life! So for today we have the next six entries into the challenge books! Cabin 12 has taken on the challenge, who else is brave enough to take part!

Reader beware: below be scares! (And crap!)

Day 3

Horror Headlines 10/8/08

Anne Hathaway joins the cast of Tim Burton's "Alice", as "The White Queen". I officially have TWO more reasons to be excited for this film.

"Punisher: War Zone" may end up sucking the big one, but this poster display wants you to know there will be lots and lots of guns in it.

Mike Dougherty ("Trick R Treat") is developing a TV series called "Bitches", about 4 female werewolves living in the city. He describes the show as "Sex and the City with werewolves", which actually made me throw up in my mouth a little.

The remake of "The Crazies" is finally going behind cameras. The redux of the 1973 George Romero cult classic is being directed by Breck Eisner.

In Real People News: 

An Ugandan circumcision sounds like the worst thing ever. Seriously.

If Mr. Rogers had used this example to show what inertia was, than I may have been more interested.

Having your 10 year old boy drive you home from the bar, probably not a good idea. Wearing a "Buy This Dad a Beer" t-shirt while doing it?, comedy gold. Until he crashed the car going 90 miles an hour. No wait, that actually made it funnier.

On this day in history: 

1993: Ted Danson appears in blackface at a Friars Club roast. His offensive comments amuse Whoopi Goldberg but the incident becomes a great embarrassment.

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