TFTDS: "Basher Malone"

As a continuation of my "Tales From the Darkside" post from the other day, I promised to check in from time to time with updates on the ep's that I was taping off of the Scifi channel.

Since then I've racked up a few favorites and deleted a few clunkers, but yesterday I ran across one that I just had to share.

A Reunion of sorts

Well, actually that is exactly what it was, a reunion. My 20th High School Reunion. I went, I drank, I enjoyed, I drank more and I suffered a bit the next day. While there, I reconnected with an old classmate named Omaha.

Chris Lund

Chris Lund is a web designer by day, independent filmmaker by night. His interactive zombie film "Survive the Outbreak" took the online horror community by storm a few weeks back, and we recently sat down with him to ask a few questions about the project. If you want to catch up, the film can be participated in at

So where did this whole idea come from?

The idea came from years of doing interactive work. Just being around all the latest stuff being done is a big help towards thinking on the right track. These days, every other client tries to do something viral, but it's extremely tough for a client to achieve that, especially when they're trying to market a brand at the same time. The Outbreak, being self-funded, had the luxury of having no one else to satisfy but ourselves.

DVD Releases for 10/14/2008

This week's DVD shelf is filled with direct to video goodness and box sets galore. Well, two box sets anyways. Regardless, there's a whole plethora of horror and exploitation just waiting to be inserted firmly into your DVD player!

[inline:brotherhood of blood.jpg]

Sid Haig and Ken Foree star in Brotherhood of Blood, a story about vampire hunters infiltrating a vampires nest to rescue one of their own! Vampires are over done but Haig and Foree on screen together is always a welcome sight!

[inline:dance of the dead.jpg]

Horror Headlines 10/14/08

AMC's MonterFest (which is apparently called "Fear Fest" now, boo), has released their schedule. Not too crazy about the lineup this year, but I guess that's just because I'd be happy watching the "Halloween" sequels on a continuous loop for 8 days. Am I the only one?

Steven C Miller, director of the low budget indie flick "Automoton Transfusion", has been picked to helm the remake of "Motel Hell". The original 80's film follows Farmer Vincent, as he buries unsuspecting tourists in his back yard and then harvests them for meat. And in relation to our first story, I noticed that it's screening at several points during Fear Fest. So be sure to catch the original before this remake makes it's way to screens.

Let's be clear on this, Mark Wahlberg does NOT want you to say hello to your mother for him... what he does want you to do however, is check out the new Max Payne poster.

In Real People News: 

It turns out those court appointed breathalyzers meant to stop drunk drivers from being able to start their cars are beatable after all. Never underestimate the craftiness of alcoholics.

I'm only reporting on this story about "fauxmosexuals" because I love when people needlessly cram words together... oh, and lesbians.

73 year old grandma gets her karate blackbelt, to fulfill her husband's dying wish.... that she get her blackbelt. I thought that was made clear in the first sentence, but you're still reading so apparently not.

On this day in history: 

1944: Field Marshall Erwin Rommel suicides. He was implicated in an anti-Hitler plot, and given the choice of suicide or humiliating trial and execution. Hitler always liked him.

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