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Gaming titles on the Nintendo Wii are light these days. There's not always a lot of quality titles out there and not very many games with a lot of depth. There are some excellent games, don't get me wrong. However, there has been little to grab my attention and hold on to it.

Horror Headlines: Tuesday December 9th, 2008

It looks like the death of Michael Chrichton might have killed the chances of "Jurassic Park 4", which was still in the idea stage at the time he passed away. This saddens me. Sure the third one was atrocious, but I wanted to see the rumored "dinosaurs with guns" angle they were shooting for. I mean really, who doesn't want to see that?

Sorry guys, I can't help but link to this UK quad poster for "Lesbian Vampire Killers". The film is a horror/comedy set in Wales, about a town whose women have all been taken over by a band of lesbian vampires. Upset at the situation, the townsfolk send two young men out to the moors as a sacrifice, hoping to get their women back in the process. The film is currently awaiting release in the UK, with no word on when we'll see it in the US.

New images from David Goyer's "Unborn", his PG-13 horror film starring Odette Yusman as a young woman haunted by a boy killed in the German concentration camp Auschwitz. Near as I can tell, "Unborn" is the next major horror release, and based on the trailers I've seen so far I'm very interested.

Apparently everyone's all in a tizzy because someone got an "exclusive" (is there a such thing on the internet?) shot of Jason with a sack over his head. I know, try to contain yourselves.

Forrest J. Ackerman, affectionately known as "Forry" by friends and fans, has passed away at the ripe old age of 92. Forry was the founder of the "Famous Monsters of Filmmand" magazine, in addition to being an avid collector of horror memorabilia, and generally being involved in fandom of the genre. To those who knew him, he will truly be missed.

In Real People News: 

You think that having your genitals cut off is the worst thing someone can do to you... then someone comes along and sets them on fire. Ya, that's DEFINITELY worse.

If someone willingly gets killed and eaten, has the other guy committed a crime? That's one for the philosophers I guess.

Prisoner sneaks himself out of captivity in a box through the mail. It never ceases to amaze me how many times criminals seem to successfully pull things off they clearly saw in an old episode of Loony Tunes. Maybe Mel Blanc was some kind of evil genius.

On this day in history: 

1994: Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders dismissed after suggesting discussion of masturbation in school classes on sexuality.

Five Across the Eyes

I got this in my last Netflix delivery. I watched it, I bagged it , I returned it. Then it started to creep back into my head and battle the voices for time and consideration.

Horror Headlines: Monday December 8th, 2008

The screenwriter working on "Creature from the Black Lagoon" dropped some information in an interview recently that suggests the original director Breck Eisner is off the project. He also says that they're writing the script from a "scientific" angle, basically trying to explain what the "creature" is and how it got that way. I know it's early, but that's officially the stupidest thing I've heard all day.

Here's the trailer for "Dead Snow", a zombedy set during WWII and featuring Nazi zombies. This all looks fine and well, but am I the only one that would really want to see a serious film about Nazi zombies? It's not that much of a stretch considering how much Hitler was into the occult, no?

I'm nominating Sigourney Weaver as a replacement for Robert Englund... at least in the sense that you can't believe anything she says in interviews. When she sat down with MTV recently, she claimed that FOX is trying to find a way to do a movie with Ripley, but essentially a different science fiction story than the "Alien" universe. That shit doesn't even make any sense (and I paraphrased it). I'm linking to Arrow in the Head b/c they pulled the quote and I'm lazy. Just try to ignore the incoherent fanboy ramblings below the actual quote.

In Real People News: 

Man stabbed to death in Malaysia because he refused to share the Karaoke mic. I guess we need to add that warning to the travel guides.

Make sure to do your research before you decide to steal the church collection plate. You may just have the one priest in the world who runs marathons. Busted.

On this day in history: 

1980: Beatle John Lennon shot by a lunatic, Mark David Chapman, outside Lennon's apartment in New York City mere hours after receiving the Beatle's autograph. The National Enquirer is roundly criticized for publishing a fuzzy photograph of Lennon in his coffin, much as they did for Elvis Presley.

Dexter 3.11 "I Had a Dream"

I was expecting a few things from this week's penultimate episode of Dexter but what I got was the one thing I wasn't expecting. A ho-hum episode. Granted a ho-hum episode where a lot of big things happened but somehow, a few of the big events we've been waiting all season to see were dispatched in an oddly perfunctory matter. Dexter finally kills Miguel and the scene isn't much different from any other killing scene. He finally reveals to him that he killed his brother and all we get are a few Jimmy Smits moans?

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