The Nuclear Edge--Mosh Pits

In the beginning, there was the fist-banging mania, which evolved into the far more psychotic (and substantially less foolish looking) head-banging. Head-banging was great. It continues to be great. It's an easy way to enjoy metal in a way that people that don't like metal can't understand. Why would you want to throw your brain around like that? Why not, I say.

Call of Duty 5 has Nazi Zombies?

Yeah it does!

Call of Duty World at War comes out this Tuesday (11/11). Number 4 is played quite obsessively in my house. Not by me, but I basically have every map memorized. Eh, they can't all be Lego Batman...

"The mode, which is unlocked by finishing the fifth Call of Duty game releasing November 11, plays like the Horde Mode of Epic's Gears of War 2, but with undead Nazis in the place of more monstrous Locust."

Comics Creepshow 14: Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

There was alot of controversy on this site, regarding the possibility of Jason Vorhees being a zombie. I’m here to put that debate to rest. Jason is not a zombie. He is a deadite. I wish I could say you heard it here first, but if you read the fifth issue of the FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH comic, that‘s old news. Earlier this week, Eric mentioned that the FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH 2 comic was in the works, so I figured now would be the best time to give the original FVJVA the Comics Creepshow treatment.

Horror Headlines: Friday, October 7th, 2008

Stephen Spielberg and Will Smith for "Oldboy" remake. Wow, I'm just going to sit back and let the commenters take this one over.

"Cotton" is a shaky-cam, psuedo-documentary produced by Eli Roth and directed by Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland. The story? Well, it's about "evangelical minister who turns against religion and decides to participate in a documentary in which he practices his last exorcism." Eli Roth and a hand held film? Let the ranting ensue.

John Landis to direct new horror comedy called "Burke and Hare". This one's about "the true story of William Burke and William Hare, serial killers who sold the corpses of their 17 victims to the Edinburgh Medical College for dissection." Um... sounds, hilarious?

Tim Sullivan is going to write and direct two sequels to his film "2001 Maniacs". They're going to be titled "2001 Maniacs: Beverly Hellbillys" and "2001 Maniacs: The Hillbillys Have Eyes". See what he did there?

In Real People News: 

As fun as it sounds, please refrain from clearing cobwebs from your eaves with a blowtorch. It may sound fun, but you're probably going to burn your house down.

Woman tries to smuggle crackpipe into prison in her buttcrack. The possibilities for punny headlines are endless here, but it's Friday and I'm tired so... figure it out yourself.

On this day in history: 

1872: The cargo ship Mary Celeste sails from New York, never reaching Genoa. Four weeks later it is found completely abandoned, whereabouts of the ten man crew unknown.

The Alphabet Killer (REVIEW)

Note: I saw this film at a pre-release screening in Rochester, NY. To read my take on the screening experience, visit my blog.

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