Horror Headlines: Monday, November 24th, 2008

Adrien Brody talks about starring in Dario Argento's next film, "Giallo". I sort of want to be excited about this film, except I've seen Argento's last few. They were, how you say, "not good".

Concept art for sexy fem-aliens in James Cameron's "Avatar". I can already tell this film is going to make me uncomfortable, in the best way possible.

The guys behind the "Halloween" comic series over the last few years, are prepping an issue called "Halloween: Mark of the Thorn", which will be a continuation of the Tommy Doyle/Thorn storyline that started in H5 and came to an incredibly confusing ending in H6: Curse of Michael Myers. I'm not a big comic book guy, but I might consider picking this up, just to see a take on it 10 years later.

In Real People News: 

Man suicides on live Argentinian TV. This one had nothing to do with the economy, but if you notice, they're getting closer and closer to the US. Should we start a pool to see how long it takes to happen here?

Ever hear someone on the bus argue with the driver about how much feces is on a seat? Ya, me neither. But based on the story I'm guessing the driver didn't realize that no amount of shit on a public transportation seat is acceptable.

Apparently you can split someone's skull open with a pickax. I just always wondered if that scene in "Return of the Living Dead" was accurate. I guess the answer is yes... besides the whole yellow reanimated corpse thing.

On this day in history: 

William Duell, murderer, hanged at Tyburn in London. He is not killed immediately, though this is not noticed by the executioner. Deull later awakes on the dissection table.

The New XBOX Experience: First Impressions

Anyone that has listened to the podcast in the last few months has likely heard me continuously mention the new Xbox Live Experience. This new update promised many things such as cutesey, Mii-like avatars (pictured) and the ability to install games to the hard drive, but I was truly excited about a slightly less-mentioned feature, a steaming Netflix app. As with any highly-anticipated tech event, there are about as many things that lived up to the hype as those that did not.

The Good

Where in the World is Louis Tripp?

Earlier this week I came across a sequel I had never seen, 1990's Gate II: Return to the Nightmare. Being a big fan of the original Gate flick, I had high hopes. Especially considering that the second movie starred none other than the ginger haired metal head Terrence 'Terry' Howard who's love of satanic death metal started the problem in the first place!

Comics Creepshow 16: The X-Files

Want an original adventure with Mulder and Scully but don’t feel like going near their recent so-so reviewed film? You can’t go wrong by checking out Wildstorm’s brand new X-FILES comic, written by Frank Spotnitz and drawn by Brian Denham. Though this first issue is very low key in regards to action and X-files mythology, it still delivers a compelling story, and captures the magic of the hit 1990’s tv show.

Horror Headlines: Friday, November 21st, 2008

The good news is it's Friday. The better news is that next week is a short one for us Americans, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. No Horror releases until December, but until then we're here every day to tide you over with the days horror news. So, on with the show!

"Venus Fixer" is a film about a cop and a holocaust survivor working together to track down a serial killer in post WWII Berlin. Being a horror fan and a history nerd, I'm into this one. The story is based on a book by J.C. Pollack.

"Underworld: Rise of the Lycans" has snagged a big fat "R" rating from the MPAA, for "bloody violence and some sexuality". Add "Doomsday" star Rhona Mitra to that equation, and you could have a decent little flick.

Although it was strictly "through the grapevine", as they say, Fango is claiming a little birdie has told them that Universal will be delaying "The Wolfman" remake yet again, this time bumping it from its April release date.

"Stingy Jack" is this week's awesome sounding indie picture. It involves a town that has banned Halloween for 50 years because of a tragedy that occurred, and what happens when a family moves in and refuses to let the holiday go. Spookiness ensues. Check their official site at the link, this one appears to be one to keep an eye on.

Warner Bro's has delayed Richard Kelly's film "The Box" yet again, this time pushing it back to next November. The story, based on the Richard Matheson short story "Button, Button", is about a couple who receives a box with a button inside, along with an ominous message. If they press the button, they will receive 1 million dollars, but someone they do not know will die. With 24 hours to make their decision, true humanity rears its ugly head. Kelly of course is no stranger to studio treachery, going through plenty of it with his mind-bending cult classic "Donnie Darko".

After Dark Horrorfest fills the 8th slot this year with a Korean language film called "Voices". Wow, I know I've hated on this fest in the past, but this move gives me a new found respect for them. Imagine that, a foreign film in American theaters... that's a new one!

Timothy Olyphant starring in George Romero's remake of "The Crazies" is one of the best ideas I've ever heard... cause you know, he's kind of crazy. Also, he's sort of like the poor man's Skeet Ulrich... which I guess would make him the welfare recipients' Johnny Depp. Or maybe not... what was I talking about again?

In Real People News: 

This pic of a two-faced kitten is just more evidence for my thesis that all cats are evil... and yet, it's still strangely cute. NO... MUST LOOK AWAY.

This pain index for insect stings on Wikipedia is the strangest thing I've seen all week. Except for, you know, the two headed kitten.

So, I'm assuming "Lynx Deoderant" is the UK equivalent of "Axe" here in the us (aka what douchebags smell like). Well... a 12 year old boy accidentally killed himself with it by spraying too much in an enclosed area. See people, this is the consequence of those commercials that would lead you to believe taking a bath in this shit will make the ladies love you.

On this day in history: 

1997: Lead singer of INXS Michael Hutchence found hanged in his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Sydney Australia. Police have denied that his death was due to Autoerotic Asphyxiation.

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