Horror Headlines: Friday January 2nd, 2008

Along with the release of "My Bloody Valentine 3D", 2009 will also see the long awaited release of the original, uncut version of the original MBV. MGM has been holding on to this version forever, with seemingly no interest whatsoever in releasing it or even entertaining the idea. Now that a remake's about to hit, they've leased the rights to Lions Gate who are finally putting it out on disc. Meanwhile, here's some shots of the gore that was cut. Is it possible this will make the film NOT unbearably boring? We'll find out on January 13th.

Note to "Unborn" producers... a video isn't so much viral if you openly call it that and don't try to hide that it's for your film. Either way, here's the "Unborn" viral video. Ugh.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone made a horror movie about Earth Day. Doesn't mean I have to like it. If that tickles your fancy, you can see it (limited) on April 22nd.

If there's one film you should check out in next weekend's "After Dark Horror Fest" it's the Aussie flick "Dying Breed". Our own, notoriously hard to please Jon Schnaars raved about it after seeing it at Tribeca last year, so you should definitely hop on the chance to see it on the big screen while you can. Trailer at the link.

In Real People News: 

If you're having an emergency and you call the paramedics, better make sure you're "worth saving". Or a better way to phrase it might be, if you're an asshole paramedic debating whether you feel like saving someone's life or not, better make sure the phone isn't on and your conversation is being recorded by 911.

Teenagers who take pledges to remain abstinent until marriage are just as likely to have sex, and much less likely to use condoms. If you really want to keep people from having sex you should go the horror movie route. Show them a few "Friday the 13th" films and then throw "Teeth" in for good measure and you should be good to go.

All of Microsoft's 30gb Zune music players committed suicide on New Years Eve due to faulty code pertaining to 2008 being a leap year. If you want some good reading, go ahead and google "30gb Zune fail" and read the hilarious forum posts on the matter. Hey, serves them right for buying a Zune, I guess.

On this day in history: 

1878: While hunting, farmer John Martin spies a rapidly moving flying disk high in the sky near Denison, Texas. He is the first to use the word "saucer" to describe a UFO phenomenon.

Happy N... End of The World?

Well... hanging out with myself this New Years Eve and figured there wasn't a better video to ring in the New Year than this one.

I posted this on my Twitter a few days back so some of you (the cool ones anyways) may have already seen this.

Needless to say, this is in no way helping my building hysteria over possible doomsday scenarios in 2012. As I said the first time I posted this... What a way to go, eh?

MY "TOP 3 FILMS of 2008" list

By now, you have seen the top five list I made up, based on the films covered by this site. This blog is dedicated to what I consider to be the best film of the year, hands down.

Yes, there are only three films on this list, but that is because there were only three films in 2008 that truly blew me away. I was going to make a top five, but there was nothing I felt that touched the three that I have listed here.

Best and Worst Horror Films of 2008

This is the BGH Crew's Top and Bottom 5 picks for 2008. The criteria was very loose, so you may see some films on here that are iffy as horror movies, and you may see some that only questionably were 2008 releases. We like to keep things interesting around here though, so it was pretty much anything goes. Feel free to argue our picks or give your own in the comments.

TOP 5 OF 2008

1: Cloverfield
2: The Strangers
3: Inside

Horror Headlines: New Years Eve, 2008

Just wanted to take a quick moment here to thank you guys for being a fan of BGH in 2008. 2009 promises to be our biggest year yet, so be sure to stick around... you won't be sorry!

Some recent stills from "The Uninvited", which is a remake of the Korean film "Tale of Two Sisters". The remake stars Elizabeth Banks, which I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around. I'm sure she's a great actress, but does anyone remember seeing her in anything serious?

I'm surprised that this film "Text" is an indie picture. I'd be less surprised if it came out of a big studio, since it's a clearly teen-pandering idea and the poster is straight out of the 90's. Just saying.

Here's a list of official participating theaters in the "Afterdark Horrorfest", version 3. Check to see if the fest will be playing near you on Jan 9th when it opens.

I told you we would be seeing more "My Bloody Valentine 3D" stuff. Here's the first official clip to hit the internets... via MTV

In Real People News: 

Cell phone carriers pay virtually nothing to send text messages. So, make sure to kick them in the junk next time you see one of them.

Some might ask what the worth is of a scientific study where you give bees cocaine. Not me... it's time we get that honey-stealing "Pooh" bastard once and for all.

Woman tries to emulate the oral sex scene from "The Last House on the Left"... kind of succeeds. Um... Happy New Year?

On this day in history: 

1984: The drummer for Def Leppard, Rick Allen, has his arm torn off in a car accident. He continues in the band to this day.

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