Repo! Tour Dates

Darren Lynn Bousman's film "Repo! A Genetic Opera" opened on a limited basis this past Friday, November 7th. Starting tomorrow, Monday the 10th, Bousman is personally going on a 7-cities-in-7-nights bus tour with Repo!, and putting on a show that promises to be a wild time.

Click to expand the image above to check out the cities it's currently playing in, as well as the dates and locations for the bus tour. Not sure what I'm talking about? Below you can check the trailer for "Repo!"

A look at "Dead Set"

The following was sent to us by site regular and Jr. Correspondant BigWinters. Winters lives in the UK and this is a review of a miniseries that recently aired there called "Dead Set", which is basically a mix of zombie film and reality show. Enjoy.

With the start of Dead Set on October 27th the UK finally has a show that the rest of the world has to wait to watch. With Heroes a year behind the American show, and with shows like Dexter and Lost being hard to find it's quite refreshing for it to be the other way round for a chance. For me anyway.

The Nuclear Edge--Mosh Pits

In the beginning, there was the fist-banging mania, which evolved into the far more psychotic (and substantially less foolish looking) head-banging. Head-banging was great. It continues to be great. It's an easy way to enjoy metal in a way that people that don't like metal can't understand. Why would you want to throw your brain around like that? Why not, I say.

Call of Duty 5 has Nazi Zombies?

Yeah it does!

Call of Duty World at War comes out this Tuesday (11/11). Number 4 is played quite obsessively in my house. Not by me, but I basically have every map memorized. Eh, they can't all be Lego Batman...

"The mode, which is unlocked by finishing the fifth Call of Duty game releasing November 11, plays like the Horde Mode of Epic's Gears of War 2, but with undead Nazis in the place of more monstrous Locust."

Comics Creepshow 14: Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

There was alot of controversy on this site, regarding the possibility of Jason Vorhees being a zombie. I’m here to put that debate to rest. Jason is not a zombie. He is a deadite. I wish I could say you heard it here first, but if you read the fifth issue of the FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH comic, that‘s old news. Earlier this week, Eric mentioned that the FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH 2 comic was in the works, so I figured now would be the best time to give the original FVJVA the Comics Creepshow treatment.

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