Top 10 Films I Watched in 2008

Lists abound lately! And I feel... left out. I didn't see a chunk of new releases in '08. The horror options just didn't interest me. At 12 bucks a pop, I can't go willy-nilly into just any flick at the local cinema. Plus, I'm a super snob that isn't into watching subpar American dreg with urban teens. I mean... never mind.

So here is my somewhat comprehensive list of the best films I viewed (for the first time) in '08.

10. Female Trouble - Best John Waters flick EVER!

BGH Book Club: Come Closer

Unlike horror movies, horror writing -- be it novels, short fiction, or what have you -- doesn't really have a high powered hype machine to drive consumers to hot new content. In fact, if the part of the web devoted to championing obscure or independent horror movies is a Panzer tank, the part of the web that champions new or rising horror writers is something akin to a stroller full of recyclables being pushed by a decrepit homeless person.

The Sword--Gods of the Earth review

Figured I should get this up before I see the band live in a few weeks.

Throwback. That's the only word that comes to mind when I'm listening to The Sword's album "Gods of the Earth." Close your eyes and it's easy to picture the music coming from a van circa 1977 with dragons and wizards and whatnot painted on the side in dramatic action. The album sways at points between the soundtrack to a Renaissance festival and some headbanging, adrenaline charged mosh pit fuel.

I'm a Zombie Snob

'No amount of time is ever enough so the length is irrelevant. Quality is the key.'

There is some really mysterious crap going on and I don't know what to do. Weird shit. I mean 112 Ocean Avenue weird shit:

Comics Creepshow 22: City of Dust #3

Happy New You to all you horror comics fans! Though 2008 saw the birth of Comics Creepshow, I can’t say that the year was filled with ground-breaking horror comics. All the evidence needed to back that statement up can be found in last week’s column. Out of the hundreds of comics featuring vampires, zombies, serial killers, or any other type of terror-causing creature, there were only 5 that I considered extremely high in quality, and one of them (THE WALKING DEAD) is a book that has been around for five years.

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