Donkey Punch (REVIEW)

It's not hard to imagine how the premise of "Donkey Punch" was concocted: over a couple of drinks while discussing the titular sexual maneuver — which one suspects and hopes is apocryphal. The genesis feels so obvious because at first blush it seems as if it was calculated only to generate buzz and draw attention. In that sense, it was quite the idea, as once one moves beyond the provocation of the film's title, what he finds is a rather generic potboiler – which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

21 Days to "Friday the 13th"

I remain unaware of the fact that I am insane, and I am certain that helps take the edge off.

It is cold as shit in Omaha right now. Exactly the time of year when certain people among us begin to wonder why the fuck we are here. Me, I am here because my DVD player is here, and my wife and son are here, and my copies of the "Return of the Living Dead" DVDs are here. Omaha, is also where I keep my 'waiting to be treasured' set of "Friday the 13th" films are which is not nearly as important as my wife and son, but are still serious business.

I'll get to the zombie fest in a minute.

PS3 Will Have 3D Games, 360 will follow

In case you missed our My Bloody Valentine 3D podcast, it's my duty to inform you that 3D is in fact the new 2D. After being beat to the punch at this year's Consumer Electronics Show by the PS3 crew, IGN speculates that XBOX360 will be right on their 3D coattails:

Zombies Ahead?!?

Here's one more gem for you on this Friday. Quick, What would be the first thing to run through your head if you saw this on the road? Here's mine:

Oh shit, I'm going to be late for work!

Via I-Hacked, complete with instructions on how to do it!

"Friday the 13th", Please Don't Ruin Me

There's obviously been a lot of conversation on the upcoming release of the Friday the 13th reboot. I don't want to beat a dead horse here but I also think that I have a somewhat different view and hope for this movie. For most of us, the "Friday the 13th" series is something we all hold pretty close. For me personally along with "Nightmare on Elm Street" it's the Horror brand I grew up with. But to me by Nightmare 3 Freddy had turned into more of a comedic character where Jason has always stayed a big mean ass killing machine.

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