It has come to my attention recently that people have had trouble logging in. Although I dug the fancy thickbox pop-up for the login, it appears to have created more problems than solutions, so it's no more! The login links haven't moved, they just take you to a standalone page instead of popping up.

So log in and hang with us! We love talking to each other but it's no fun without all of you lads and lasses!

This one's been around for a while, but it's still pretty awesome. It's weird to me that these guys have actual physical bodies and aren't just disembodied voices imprisoned by the studios in some sort of Lemarchand box, eternally damned to narrate the trailer for every movie Michael Bay shits outs.

There are lots of horror posters popping up at Cannes right now, including some for films that are still just theoretical at this point. Check out the future possibilities at the link.

Check the full synopsis for "The Wolfman" remake. It's just as long and fancy as you'd expect from a big budget Universal remake set during the 30's. The film stars Benicio Del Toro (as Wolfy), Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving and Emily Blunt. It will be released on April 3rd, 2009, a little less than a year from now.

So, is claiming that John Carpenter's "In the Mouth of Madness" is being remade. That's pretty insane, especially considering that it only came out in 1995. So now, if this is true, we're remaking films that are barely 10 years old. There is zero info at the source except for that, so I'm not taking this seriously until we hear something concrete.

Favorite of all of us who came of age in the 90's, the "Goosebumps" book series by R.L. Stine has been acquired by Columbia Pictures to adapt for the big screen. As the youngest in our crew, I'm sure Mark is squealing with glee right now.

Apparently MonstersHD, the only real hi-def horror channel, is in some kind of legal wrangle with the DishNetwork, and that has caused the channel to go black for the immediate future. Anyone out there have it? This story popped up yesterday, so flip it on and let us know if you're seeing it.

Young Jason Voorhees has been cast in the "Friday the 13th remake. Congratulations on looking like a mongoloid kid, I'm sure you've got a bright future ahead of you.

It's official, I quit the internet. This video could only be more perfect for me if he was drinking Brooklyn Local One and playing GTA IV while he was doing these awesome stencils.

I'm an unabashed fan of many nerdy things, including "Star Wars". The thing is, there's always been a line I won't cross. Thankfully for us internet rubberneckers, there are plenty out there that will!

Hence the new book, The Force in the Flesh Star Wars Inspired Body Art by Shane Turgeon.