F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin Demo released

The sequel to the PC and XBOX horror tinged FPS hit "F.E.A.R." hits shelves this month. But, luckily for us the demo has gone live today! For those of you on Xbox, you can remotely add the download to your queue from here, and you fans of PC flavored bang bang can grab yours from here!

For those of you not keen to the franchise, the plot of F.E.A.R. 2 - Project Origin ripped straight from the demo site:

Knitting for Psychos

So, Mark sent me to this site to view these. WOW, Mark knows me so well!

First off, that whole website is awesome and has kept me distracted all morning. But look at those knitted masterpieces! Through the magic of google I have found numerous pictures of the infamous toys, but it's not entirely clear where they originate from. Perhaps a German artist? Well, that's the closest thing I could find to a realistic answer.

Iron Maiden Documentary!

Sundance 2009: Genre Movies and Oddities

As you might know, the Sundance film festival is going on this week. It's not much of a festival for horror films but a few always manage to slip in. We reported on the fainting-spell-inducing Grace a few days ago. Now lets take a look at a few other genre-related films making their debut at Sundance.

Dead Snow

Oscar Nominations Announced... Yawn

The nominations are out, and they are... boring. Sorry, hate to be that guy, but looking down the list of this year's nominees there's not a whole lot to really get excited about.

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