Good TV... on MTV?

One of the most amazing things about Netflix is how easy it is to track down even the rarest, most obscure movie that you'd never have a chance of seeing if you weren't in a major metropolitan area and were solely at the mercy of Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. For me, one of the holy grail movies I've been dying to see for the better part of a decade was a documentary called How's Your News?.

"Chuck vs. the Third Dimension" in 3D!

If you picked up your 3D glasses at the local grocery store and watched the Super Bowl on Sunday you got to see both the preview of the new Dreamworks film “Monsters vs. Aliens” and a Sobe commercial where a bunch of football players in unitards danced around with lizards in 3D. If you hung onto those glasses you also got to watch a full 3D episode of Chuck on Monday night titled "Chuck vs. the Third Dimension". Clever name huh? Because it’s in 3D!

2012 Viral Marketing

So, have you seen it yet? The ads for the Institute for Human Continuity? Here's the website

So yeah, I knew something wasn't kosher when I saw an ad on myspace's main page. Real or fake the site aggravated me. I find it to be very inflammatory and reliant on people's stupidity. Most of the internet hinges on those things though...

Battlestar 4.15 "The Oath"

Since the second season of Battlestar Galactica there has been many hints towards the idea of the fleet being divided between those who accept the cylons living among them, and those who want to see all of the Cylon race destroyed. The main characters have always sacrificed and worked diligently to prevent such a division, because the logical conclusion was that such a divide would cause a civil war amongst the last surviving humans, and thus the whole race would be wiped out.

Nightmare on Elm St. Reality Series?

You leave Jessica Simpson alone!

Here's a Former Executive VP at New Line Cinema, on a reality show they were producing circa 2004, hosted by Robert Englund (sans Freddy makeup):

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