Lost 5.1 and 5.2: "Because You Left" and "The Lie"

Welcome to the official Bloody Good Horror Lost recap blog. What's that you say, everyone and their mother writes a Lost recap? Well guess what, this one is going to be EXTREME. So saddle up.

FRINGE 1.11- "Bound"

There are two J.J. Abrams produced shows that are returning this week, 'Lost' and 'Fringe'.This means for the first time ever, we will have two extremely frustrating nights of television, at the end of which, we curse ourselves for being so foolish to actually believe we would get answers to the many questions either show inspires.

Kaoru: Bloody Death Idealized

Kaoru is a high fashion photographer who specializes in killing beautiful women. A Japanese Giallo, you ask? More like a buddhist exercise in demystifying and beautifying death. Think Argento without the fear.

Box Office Special - RealD's Horror Debut

This past weekend — which established a new January record — Kevin James was the big winner. But in reality, we were all losers. Now, I could make some obvious joke at this juncture like, "Open a window, America just blarted," but why prolong our collective pain. Instead, I want to move onto the big story this weekend: "My Bloody Valentine's" Real-D premiere.

Kameo: Elements of Power

I'm a bit of what you would call an old school gamer, as far back as the days of Atari and Colecovision. This continued on throughout the years through the Dreamcast and PS2, as well as the PC. I tried for a few years to ride the World of Warcraft crack pipe as well as others, but over time I got tired of playing the upgrade game and said the hell with it. This dry spell lasted for a few years until this past Christmas with the arrival of my Xbox 360.

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