Nightmare on Elm St. Reality Series?

You leave Jessica Simpson alone!

Here's a Former Executive VP at New Line Cinema, on a reality show they were producing circa 2004, hosted by Robert Englund (sans Freddy makeup):

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen - TV Spot

I am sure all of you guys saw this already, since you were watching the Superbowl. I missed all the Steelers action and the movie tv spots cause I was at a Metallica show. Even though, in the end, I was more disappointed with the first Transformers film, this one looks like it will be a little more dark, and not focus so much on Shia Lebouf's ebay account. For a Transformers cartoon/comic fan, this will give you some sort of arousal.

Horror Headlines: February 2nd, 2009

This article will teach you two things. Dee Snider is making a sequel to his 90's horror film "Strangeland", and he thinks he invented the torture porn subgenre. Wait, he's bragging about that?

Artwork from a pretty interesting looking slasher called "Laid To Rest", directed by Rob Hall.

Sam Raimi's producing a film titled "Burst", that's all about people randomly exploding!

Neca has scored the licenses to the video games DEAD SPACE, PROTOTYPE, DEVIL MAY CRY, and DANTE'S INFERNO, so you can expect some top shelf toys and figures coming from these properties some time in the near future.

First three online clips from "Friday the 13th". We're now less than 2 weeks away from the release date, Friday February 13th, 2009.

In Real People News: 

There is now a monument in Iraq celebrating the guy who threw his shoe at President Bush... and it's a giant shoe. I LOL'd when I read that.

Apparently some areas with Comcast Cable were shown ten seconds of hardcore porn after Larry Fitzgerald's fourth quarter touchdown last night. The clip only aired on the analog feed and not the digital. That should teach all those old bastards who haven't switched over yet. Still using Rabbit ears? Here's some cock and balls for you.

Michael Phelps admits that he totally ripped bong hits at that party he was photographed at recently, and he's really, really sorry. Not about the college chick he nailed afterwards though, she was super hot, and had a tramp stamp... it was a butterfly.

On this day in history: 

1997: Marv Albert, nationally known sportscaster, allegedly bites a 42 year old woman after an evening of watching pornographic movies. By September he is on trial for sodomy.

SNL Digital Short has Jump Scares Too

Although The Uninvited was not nearly as bad as well all expected, it wasn't without it's ghostly jump-scare wackiness. Getting an audience of movie goers to spring from their seats has been the objective of horror directors from the get go, but the the "mirror" scare prevalent in many Asian horror remakes is fast becoming the most commonplace.

Twitter Loves Friday the 13th

I happened to be doing a live subject search on Twitter this morning when I discovered there was an advanced screening of Platinum Dunes' "Friday the 13th" remake in LA last night, and a select group of people were able to check out the horror flick 2 weeks early. I used my sexy Photoshop skills to fashion the graphic above from their various Tweets about the proceedings. Looks pretty damned good to me!

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