Real Life 'Joker' Killer

Last night I was told the most terrifying story I had heard in the past six months. A young man, in Belgium, painted his face to look like the Joker, entered a local nursery and began slaughtering children.

You could just picture the brutality of the crime scene from this description by By Bruno Waterfield and John Bingham of the news website, :

"The 20-year-old assailant had a painted white face, eye shadow and ginger hair, and was wearing a bullet proof vest, witnesses said.

Box Office Special - Horror Continues Strong Run

For the third straight weekend there's been a new horror themed release, and for the third straight weekend genre fans have shown up. Most of the box office headlines have been about the continued success of a certain portly mall law enforcement official.

What nobody wants to re-make this?

Shriek of the Mutilated

A Yeti on the Hudson, could anything be more perfectly ripe for a 're-imagining'?

The Unsung Icons of Horror

With all the Jason talk going on these days, it's had me thinking a lot about some of my other favorite horror icons. Freddy, Michael Myers and Leatherface are always lumped into these as well. Others like Pumkinhead and The Tall Man from "Phantasm" are big favorites of some of the readers I'm sure, but honestly there are too many to name. Jigsaw from the "Saw" movies would probably be the latest character to reach icon status in the horror genre but even that is probably debatable. What about all those lesser known icons out there?

Resident Evil 5 Demo Released on Xbox Live

The demo for the latest installment of the Resident Evil series is now available on XBox Live!

Promising more of the changed mechanics from "Res Evil 4", the fifth installment has more infected, bigger baddies, and general overall polish and creepiness. It also appears to have two player co-op play via both local and XBox Live!

"Resident Evil 5" ships on 3/13/09, so whet your appetite while you can.

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