My Name is Bruce (REVIEW)

The idea of having Bruce Campbell - the actor - fighting off some type of real life evil ala "The Three Amigos" is so simple and genius that it's kind of amazing no one has ever thought of it. It must have been in the back of Bruce Campbell's mind for a while though (or perhaps, his nightmares) because he has now executive produced, and directed a film about that very subject. It's called "My Name is Bruce", and after months on the festival circuit, it's just about to hit home video via Image Entertainment.

S. Darko Trailer

Okay so it's more like a teaser for the sequel to the cult classic starring Jake Gylenhaal, but it still looks pointless. No Richard Kelly? No thanks.

"Left 4 Dead" 3D Mod for PC Version

Are you guys sick of "Left 4 Dead" related posts yet? You're right, neither am I.

Comics Creepshow 26: Hotwire

After a week off, Comics Creepshow is back, and just in time for the biggest comics related event in NYC- New York Comiccon!! Are you going to be there? If you do show, keep your eyes open for a tall red headed guy, with duct tape on his glasses and a Bloody Good Horror tee shirt on - That’s me.

Horror Headlines: February 6th, 2009

I understand that Pascal Laugier, director of the French film "Martyrs" and the new "Hellraiser" remake is foreign so there may be something lost in translation, but he still sounds like a dick in his message to fans about Gary Tunnicliffe's Pinhead sculpture we posted on the other day. He goes on to say that the artwork we saw has nothing to do with his vision for Pinhead (which we already knew), and that he's going to be "totally different" than he was in the first film. Not very encouraging.

Amber Heard joins the cast of "Zombieland", Woodie Harrelson's Zom-Com currently shooting in Atlanta Georgia. I would just like to take this opportunity to remind you about Amber Heard. Google says you're welcome.

First still for Diablo Cody's "Jennifer's Body", featuring Megan Fox with some blood on her. It's too grainy to be official, but it's the only thing we've seen besides Megan Fox coming out of a lake almost completely nude. Not that I'm complaining.

CW greenlights teen horror series "Vampire Diaries". Gee, this seems like it might be cashing in on a movie that was released recently... hmmm, I can't put my finger on it. Nope, I guess I was wrong.

Trailer for Adam Sandler produced horror film "Shortcut". I know I've reported on this before, but every time I read "Adam Sandler Produced horror film" I automatically do one of those old Scooby Doo-style double takes. Wha Wha Whaaaa?

Hey, Joss Whedon, when Bloody Disgusting tells you you need to "tone it down a bit", it may be time to re-examine your marketing strategy. For serious.

In Real People News: 

Guy hooks up with crazy chick at a bar, she tattoos her name on his body with a knife while he's sleeping. If that's what the crazy kids are doing these days, thank God I'm engaged.

Police say Florida man found in car engaging in sexual acts "with at least" one blow up doll. The only thing I can think of when reading that story is, what were the other dolls doing? Watching?

You tell me if this sounds like a good idea to you our not. A Mississippi school planned a "cotton picking" day for Black History Month, and asked students to dress up like slaves. Maybe it's just the Yankee in me, but really Mississippi? Really?

On this day in history: 

1951: Radio personality Paul Harvey is arrested for trying to break into Argonne Atomic Lab.

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