The Cold War was the war that just kept on giving. The space race, Yakov Smirnoff, Invasion U.S.A.; none of these would exist without the paranoia and constant fear that with the press of a button the world would be reduced to a cinder and we'd all start wearing clothes made out of used tires and spikes, driving sweet tricked-out dune buggies and fighting in a gladiator ring for the pleasure of Tina Turner.

Unless you've been napping for the last couple of years, you've probably noticed that superheros have become a mainstay at the theater. This weekend, "The Incredible Hulk" becomes the second of Marvel Entertainment's properties to hit screens in 2008, and other comic properties will follow soon thereafter. The flow of comic book adaptations hasn't always been this strong though, and in fact, toward the end of the 20th century, one wouldn't have been out of line for thinking we'd never see some of comic's biggest names put to film.

Megan Good talks both "Saw V" and "Unborn". She'll be starring in both films this year. In the interview she talks about the challe... oh who am I kidding, I only linked to it because she's super hot. Enjoy.

Have you heard of this Korean movie called "Butcher"? "Butcher" is a "Hostel" type film told entirely from the POV of the victim. Apparently the Koreans didn't get the memo that "Hostel" type films are so out this year. France, if you would kindly pass it along once you're done with it that would be great, thanks.

Samurai Zombie Western, 'Nuff said. The film just finished shooting and they're aiming to be done with post some time in September. In the meantime, if you're looking for more Zombie Samurai I have to recommend the Japanese film "Versus". Check it out, it's good stuff.

Attack of the Show's Blair Butler has shot a pilot for VH1 called America's Next Top Zombie Idol. Now I'm all for more Horror on television screens, but that's just stupid.

"Donkey Punch" trailer!. Can you possibly resist finding out exactly what this movie is about? I didn't think so.

"25/8" set vids. "25/8" is Wes Craven's newest project which is currently filming. The videos at the link involve some stuntwork with an ambulance, as well as a pretty cool little explosion. The film is about a serial killer who returns to his hometown to stalk 7 children who were born on the day he was supposedly executed.

Another poster for Frank Miller's "Spirit". This one features Eva Mendez as the character "Sand Saref". Wait, what? I like Frank Miller just as much as the next guy but that's the stupidest thing I've ever typed on this site.

Rogue Pictures is reportedly talking about making plans for a sequel to "The Strangers". No surprise considering the film has already made three times it's budget back. We'll keep you updated as it comes in.

Diary of the Dead makes us throw up in our mouths a little.