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New Music and Missions Coming For GTA IV

Next Tuesday a new "Grand Theft Auto IV" update will be available exclusively on XBOX Live. Included will be the new storyline "Lost and Damned" which focuses on Liberty City's own biker gang as they rape and pillage. According to what I've read the new missions will add another 20 hours or so of gameplay. More importantly the expansion pack will also add a whole ass load of new music for your listening pleasure.

"Left 4 Dead" DLC Update

Thanks to a handy little update on GameTrailers TV, we now know a little bit more about the downloadable content coming to "Left 4 Dead" this spring.

Horror Headlines: Wednesday February 11th, 2009

The Weinstein's are being hard bargainers when it comes to bringing Malcolm MacDowell back for "H2". Not sure how MacDowell has bargaining leverage, but I guess Zombie wants him back, so we'll find out if he's able to make a deal before they begin shooting in a few weeks. The story also says that this one's set "2 months later", which would put it right around Christmas. That's odd, but could be interesting.

"Jason Goes To Hell" director Adam Marcus will be directing a remake of the RKO classic "I Walked With A Zombie". Something else I learned today, Marcus was only 24 when he directed the 9th Jason film. 24! Kind of puts things in perspective... and makes me depressed.

Will "Feast 4" happen? Does anyone want it to? Okay, I'm not going to lie, I kind of do. Sue me.

Wow, apparently there's been 13 TV spots for "Friday the 13th". And here's the 13th one. Stay tuned to next week's podcast to find out if our box office predictions from this week's episode pan out.

In Real People News: 

It's like a real life "Cannibal Holocaust". And yup, it's just as gruesome as it sounds.

Man caught masturbating in front of the Hot Wheels display at his local WalMart. Wow, that's pretty f'ing strange. Unless they were the kind with the damage panels that flipped around. Those were pretty sweet.

I was all freaked out reading about how this guy thinks we're headed for another Ice Age, until I scrolled down to the bottom and saw his theory on how President Bush was responsible for 9/11 and I realized the guy who wrote it is just a nutjob. I mean come on people, do you really think Bush was that smart?

On this day in history: 

1933: Nineteen year old Japanese schoolgirl Kiyoko Matsumoto committed suicide by jumping into the thousand foot crater of a volcano on the island of Oshima. This act started a bizarre fashion in Japan and in the ensuing months three hundred children did the same thing.

Official H2 Teaser Poster

Here's the official Teaser for Rob Zombie's "H2", or "Halloween 2", which apparently the film can't be called because of naming rights. This is very similar to the very first piece of art released for the film, but with some slight changes and a little sprucing up. "H2" will be going in front of cameras within the next few weeks in Georgia, as it preps for its Labor Day 2009 release.

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