Heroes 3.14 "Trust and Blood"

I have a metaphor for 'Heroes', after watching two episodes of this half of the season: "Heroes' is like the significant other you fell in love with immediately but, over time you got to see their severe flaws. You ponder constantly over whether or not you should dump them, and then, right before you pull the plug, they start showing you some of the magic of the old days.

Amazing Cosplay at NYCC '09

I found a link with some of the most amusing, impressive and downright awesome cosplay from this past weekends New York Comic Con.

Cosplay aka costume play aka the act of dressing up like a character you share an unnatural love for, has always fascinated me. These people are dedicated and some of what they put together is awe inspiring. Take a look. Keep your eyes peeled for THE BEST Darkwing Duck EVER!

Sony's Latest Electronic Release

New Music and Missions Coming For GTA IV

Next Tuesday a new "Grand Theft Auto IV" update will be available exclusively on XBOX Live. Included will be the new storyline "Lost and Damned" which focuses on Liberty City's own biker gang as they rape and pillage. According to what I've read the new missions will add another 20 hours or so of gameplay. More importantly the expansion pack will also add a whole ass load of new music for your listening pleasure.

"Left 4 Dead" DLC Update

Thanks to a handy little update on GameTrailers TV, we now know a little bit more about the downloadable content coming to "Left 4 Dead" this spring.

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