New Friday the 13th Part 2 DVD: Worth it?

This is part of my continued look at the new special edition DVD's for Friday the 13th Parts 1-3, recently released by Paramount Pictures. Is this new disc for the second film worth your cash?

And he was just about to get some too.

My Name is Bruce (REVIEW)

The idea of having Bruce Campbell - the actor - fighting off some type of real life evil ala "The Three Amigos" is so simple and genius that it's kind of amazing no one has ever thought of it. It must have been in the back of Bruce Campbell's mind for a while though (or perhaps, his nightmares) because he has now executive produced, and directed a film about that very subject. It's called "My Name is Bruce", and after months on the festival circuit, it's just about to hit home video via Image Entertainment.

S. Darko Trailer

Okay so it's more like a teaser for the sequel to the cult classic starring Jake Gylenhaal, but it still looks pointless. No Richard Kelly? No thanks.

"Left 4 Dead" 3D Mod for PC Version

Are you guys sick of "Left 4 Dead" related posts yet? You're right, neither am I.

Comics Creepshow 26: Hotwire

After a week off, Comics Creepshow is back, and just in time for the biggest comics related event in NYC- New York Comiccon!! Are you going to be there? If you do show, keep your eyes open for a tall red headed guy, with duct tape on his glasses and a Bloody Good Horror tee shirt on - That’s me.

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