Episode 62 - "Friday the 13th (2009)"


We keep our "Friday the 13th" review remarkably civil, considering how close Jason is to all of our hearts.

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Box Office Special - A Fortuitous "Friday"

With that glorious work respite President's Day now in our rear-view mirrors, it's time to assess the damage done by Jason Voorhees at the box office. The bottom line is pretty impressive: $40.7 million from Friday to Sunday, and an extra $4.5 mil for the holiday, for a total of $45.2 million over the four-day weekend. "Friday" also picked up an additional $10 million overseas in this first weekend.

Cronenberg Getting the IFC Treatment

I've made no secret of my love for director David Cronenberg. He's one of only a handful of directors to whom I have given a lifetime pass: if he made it, I'll watch it. (A corollary of that rule being that if he acts in it, as he did with "Nightbreed," I'll watch that too.)

FRIDAY THE 13TH: File 13!

Starring Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker, Amanda Righetti
Directed by Marcus Nispel
Paramount Pictures
Review by Louis Fowler

Jason Slays Box, Variety Sucks

Did I just say "Jason Slays Box"? Yes... yes I did.

I would say that according to this jackass at Variety, Jason is having one hell of a weekend. Although in order to do that I would have to ignore the fact that the article is subtitled "Freddy's Back". Wait... what?

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