Heroes 3.15 - "Building 26"

Finally, the first 'Heroes' episode, since I started reviewing the show, that hasn't given me much to complain about. Each of the four stories that took place in this episode were well acted, well written, and for the first time in a while, didn't seem forced.

Red Mist (REVIEW)

Between television and film, there seems to be a lot of stories cropping up over the last few years regarding rowdy medical students and the kind of shenanigans they find themselves in while trying to undwind from a hard day at the office. Taking its cue from stories like these, as well as revenge slashers like "I Know What You Did Last Summer", "Red Mist" managed to fall into a rather elusive category for me... the enjoyable direct to DVD movie.

Battlestar 4.17 - "No Exit"

The Great Cylon Mythos has finally been revealed, and all within twenty minutes of dialogue, spoken by a character who had a bullet lodged in his brain.

It was quite a ballsy move by the BSG producers to have such a complex backstory explained using just dialogue, and zero flashbacks. Personally, I did not feel taken out of the drama, but I wished for a graph to draw out a time line, explaining exactly what happened throughout the history of the Cylons and when.

Horror Headlines: Wednesday February 18th, 2009

Robert Rodriguez teaming up with Dimension for his next film "Neverackers". Here's the details so far: "It takes place in 2085. It centers on a character named Joe Tezca who is part of an elite unit dispatched to quell a crime wave in a theoretically perfect future society." Sounds awesome to me. Just needs a new name. Sounds too close in my mind to "Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever". Maybe that's a stretch, but would you even risk it?

What's with all these movies about getting your kid back only to find out it isn't really them? Shit, most people would be ecstatic if that shit happened to them. This one stars Famke Janssen for those interested.

Still trying to figure out how I feel about "The Haunting in Connecticut". Will it be scary, or more of the ghost movie cliches I've come to abhor? Either way, here some new pics from the film to check out.

Adam Green's next film unfortunately won't be titled "Friday the 13th Part 2", since in my eyes he's just about the only person I'd like to see make another one. It will however be called "Frozen", about a group of teens trapped on a mountain in New England who have to fend off a pack of hungry wolves.

In Real People News: 

Wow, this story has it all. Cat abuse, mysterious internet message boards, and vigilante justice! Remind me not to fuck with 4chan.

Sending a teenage Bristol Pailin out into the world to defend teen abstinence doesn't really sound like a good idea to begin with. Until you hear her say stuff like "it's just not realistic at all", then you just get confused as to which side she's actually promoting.

Enraged TV-star chimpanzee bites off the hands and face of a woman visiting her 70 year old owner. Meanwhile, Dario Argento has just figured out the plot for "Mother of Tears 2". What a coincidence.

On this day in history: 

2001: During the Daytona 500, NASCAR phenom Dale Earnhardt crashes into the wall and dies instantly. His widow later files a lawsuit to keep his autopsy photos sealed, and Florida subsequently passes a law to prevent them from ever being released.

"God of War III" is Epic on Steroids

The thesaurus isn't giving me any workable synonyms for 'epic,' and thank god, because I can't think of a single word that defines the newest "God of War III (PS3)" trailer better :

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