Lost 5.6: "316"

Well, that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it was going to. After only six episodes, the survivors look to be largely reunited. The narrative continues to barrel ahead this season, so much so that there's less to time to dig into any one element. What's clear is that the creators have a lot of story they still want to get out.

Episode: "316"

Wii-Only "Dead Space: Extraction" Announced

Followers of the site know that I've drooled extensively over "Dead Space" for XBOX360 when it was released this past fall. Although slightly derivative of the most popular 1st and 3rd person shooters, it was an extremely tight experience that was off the charts on atmosphere. There are very few details on exactly what sort of game "Extraction" is going to be, but it still looks to still be quite intense:

Asylum's Latest, Jeremy London FTW?

You've most likely heard of "The Asylum" and just aren't aware of it. They popped up a few years back and made their name by making shameless cash-ins on mainstream movies (knowingly, of course). Basically they get about 10$ together, some slumming C-listers, and come up with their best "porn spoof name" to capitalize on a new release. Of course it's all cleverly planned out so the film is on Blockbuster's shelves right around the time of the theatrical release in question. And presumably (?), some people are actually stupid enough to rent it.

The Nuclear Edge - Life Soundtrack

What you see above is the newly released poster for the Iron Maiden "Flight 666" documentary that this site teased about a month ago. Feast your eyes on how sort of plain it is! Also, notice how conspicuously absent Eddie is. Might be the first Iron Maiden multimedia he hasn't appeared on...ever.

Heroes 3.15 - "Building 26"

Finally, the first 'Heroes' episode, since I started reviewing the show, that hasn't given me much to complain about. Each of the four stories that took place in this episode were well acted, well written, and for the first time in a while, didn't seem forced.

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