Comics Creepshow 28: Randall Flagg

With Comics, just as in any other medium, there are single stories that seem so well developed that you would believe the writer spent months, if not years, crafting the tale. Comic book writer/Novelist, Neil Gaiman is the perfect example of a writer who has produced a few of these types of stories throughout his career (and for you Batman fans- please, please, please pick up BATMAN # 686, which I consider to be one of the best Batman stories ever told!) Alan Moore also fits into this category. You might have read a story he wrote in the 80’s. I believe it was called WATCHMEN.

Horror Headlines: Friday February 19th, 2009

Linda Hamilton claims in an interview that she'll be doing some voiceover work for "Terminator Salvation". Pretty cool that they got her back in some way. The main question is, since she won't be on set, will Christian Bale have to drive to her house to berate her? We shall see.

A horror film directed by Master P called "Pig People", starring his son Lil' Romeo and Mikey Myers Jr. himself Daeg Faerch? Congratulations, that is the most offensive sentence I have ever read.

Nevermind... Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl to star in thriller titled "5 Killers". Are you people just trying to test me because it's Friday?

Got some new images here from the "Last House on the Left" remake, due in theaters March 13th, 2009. I'm glad they picked at least 1 "non-model" looking person for the baddies. That chick is freaky!

After the release of that Exec Producer Wes Craven claims that they hope to fast-track a sequel, and after that, brace yourself... a sequel to "People Under the Stairs". Every time I give my opinion on that film I end up being flamed by the inexplicable droves of horror fans who actually like it, so my lips are sealed. (ps: it sucks... crap)

This thriller with Milla Jovovich called "4th Kind" sounds pretty decent. It's based on a real town in Alaska that apparently has suffered an alarming number of disappearances over the last 40 years, and rumors that the government is covering up an "Area 51" like situation. My favorite part though? The company describes it as a "fact-based thriller". Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to go produce my own "poop-based thriller", I'm going to call it "Morning Constitutional". What do you guys think?

In Real People News: 

I'm kind of conflicted on these newly revealed documents from Nazi Germany that reveal that Hitler was a table-farter. Kind of makes him seem a little more whimsical, no?

Wow, how's this for Meta. The actor who played the steroid dealer in "The Wrestler", arrested on steroid charges, after a dangerous car chase with police. I would say that's some pretty effective method acting right there, except the movie's over. When they went to his house and searched it they found 1,500 bottles of anabolic steroids. Wanna bet one of those has Mickey Rourke's name on it?

On this day in history: 

2003: A fire at a West Warwick, R.I. performance of 80's hairspray legends Great White caused by the band's indoor pyrotechnics leaves 100 dead. The pyrotechnics were illegal in that nightclub venue, and use of them by the band had been forbidden by other local venues. Guitarist Ty Longley is among the dead, his last journal entry containing the words: "I say we send a bunch of bands, food, artists, strippers, bartenders, proctologists, psychologists and lots of love over to Iraq and North Korea for a big party!" Wow, how profound.

Watchmen Schwag Sexy, Responsible

I've been staring at this all day trying to come up with something clever to say about it, and all I keep thinking about is the term "Smurf Penis". So... ya.

Here's the story, in case you want to ruin the one you've already come up with:

A source told that he and his friends were “handed a few of these Watchmen condoms in Columbus, Ohio over Valentine’s Day weekend.”

Adrienne Barbeau at Horror Hound!

Hey there horror fans. Got some news here on the Horror Hound Weekend front. HHW is the convention at the end of March in Indianapolis that a whole bunch of the BGH crew will be attending. News came down today that there's another amazing guest added to the attendee list... Adrienne Barbeau!

Tokyo Zombie Coming in April

Japan... land of mass teen suicides, tentacle sex, Kobe beef... basically all the things I want for myself, but wouldn't dare dream of trying to actually attain.

Now you can add to the list of things Japan has, "films that look vaguely like Shaun of the Dead". This one's a horror/comedy called "Tokyo Zombie", and is coming to you in April via those horror mongers over at Anchor Bay. Here's the synopsis:

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