Hey folks, just wanted to drop by today with a few site notes about some stuff coming up over the next few weeks.

First off, you probably noticed that we have brought two new bloggers on board. When you get the chance, be sure to welcome Bryan and Christine to the fold by commenting on their intro posts. They both come well qualified and ready to hit you upside the head with pop culture detritus, so be sure to stay tuned for that.

In 1346 near the town of Crècy France, the English attacked with 16,000 men. The French retaliated with 80,000 men. The English won.

Warren Ellis, creator of such counter culture classics as "Transmetropolitan" as well as Super Hero books as well gives us the one-shot Graphic Novel from Avatar Press, "Crècy". Teaming up with artist Raulo Càceres, Ellis us tells the gritty details of the battle from the perspective of a lowly peasant turned longbowman.

"The Strangers" director Brian Bertino has now signed on to direct two more thrillers, in addition to the film "Green Eyes" and a sequel to "The Strangers" that he also has floating around. I guess having a movie that makes 6 times it's money back at the box office is good for your career. Who would have thought!

Xavier Gens, who is somehow the darling of the horror community despite making two AWFUL films ("Frontier(s)", "Hitman") has another horror project on his plate. It's called "The Horde", and is about zombies who crash a party between a bunch of cops and gangsters. Kind of sounds exactly like the Japanese film "Junk", but considering the derivative nature of his past work, that doesn't surprise me all that much.

Joss Whedon to make horror film called "Cabin in the Woods". At the link he also talks about a handful of other projects he's working on.

Greetings all, I'm Christine! I think it goes without saying that I'm the new kid on the block (no Donnie Wahlberg jokes please). I've never really been all that great at formal introductions. I tend to focus on the things no one really cares about, like my animal allergies... I'll give it the old college try.

So a few days ago, Casey hit Twitter with a call for bloggers over at Bloody Good Horror, a site I was only marginally familiar with through the Horror Hound association, admittedly, a magazine I am only marginally familiar with (through no fault of my own, it's hard enough to find Rue Morgue up in here) but here's the deal: I'm a closet narcissist in spite of my carefully planned outward humility and can't help myself. Give me a place to write and I'll probably write in it and what's more, I love to read my own writing much like I love to hear myself talk.