Jason Slays Box, Variety Sucks

Did I just say "Jason Slays Box"? Yes... yes I did.

I would say that according to this jackass at Variety, Jason is having one hell of a weekend. Although in order to do that I would have to ignore the fact that the article is subtitled "Freddy's Back". Wait... what?

Soilwork - Concert Review

Soilwork, maybe the best metal band that nobody listens to, was back stateside, and was ninety minutes from my house. I had to be there. So I bought my ticket weeks in advance, circled the date on the calendar, and waited. Skipping out of work about five minutes early last night, I hopped in my car and started to drive, anticipating the show to come.


JASON SEXLESS: The rise of Generation Lame and their effect on the future of horror, or the studios have abandoned you for a 15-year-old asshole.
by Louis Fowler

(Author's note: Yes, I know that F13 does have nudity in it. This isn't really about that as much as it is about the current state of horror and who the films are being marketed to. Got that?)

In a recent interview with a horror website, FRIDAY THE 13TH remake producer Brad Fuller said this about the movie that opens today:

Dollhouse 1.1 "Ghost"

All right Cats and Kittens! I am super excited to bring you the inaugural Dollhouse post!

Before I launch into my thoughts, feelings and favorite ice cream, I want to get a little back story out of the way. Dollhouse is basically chronicling an agency that provides specially programmed individuals for a myriad of tasks. They subsequently erase their memories.

Friday the 13th (REVIEW)

"Halloween" and "Friday the 13th." Two iconic killers. Two memorable dates. Two remakes no one was sure were necessary. That's the new story of Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees. With the former having burst back onto the scene a little less than a year and a half before the latter, it's nearly impossible to ignore their connection. And after having seen the re-imagined "Friday the 13th" it's tough to believe that the new Jason will be embraced any more than the new Michael was before him.

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