Official H2 Teaser Poster

Here's the official Teaser for Rob Zombie's "H2", or "Halloween 2", which apparently the film can't be called because of naming rights. This is very similar to the very first piece of art released for the film, but with some slight changes and a little sprucing up. "H2" will be going in front of cameras within the next few weeks in Georgia, as it preps for its Labor Day 2009 release.

DEATH RACERS: Jugga-don't!

Starring Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Raven
Directed by Roy Kynrin
The Asylum
Review by Louis Fowler

Rod, from Bookgasm, emailed me and said that he'd love to read what I had to say about DEATH RACERS, the latest “mockbuster” from the good folks at the Asylum. To be honest, I am always down for watching an Asylum rip-off, and, being a huge fan of the recent Jason Statham remake of DEATH RACE, I was dying to see how they would work it with their typical agenda of no stars and even less of a budget. To the top of my NetFlix queue you go, DEATH RACERS!

Further proof that Russia is terrifyingly cool

Okay, not to totally pimp another site but I have posted this stuff here before and it is well worth checking out.... Find your way to every once and awhile; you never know what kind of nihilistic, post-soviet creepshow you might find documented there... Here are a few of the latest.


Namco Drops "Splatterhouse" Publisher

Things have been pretty bumping in the horror game world these days. "Left 4 Dead" is huge, "Resident Evil 5" is on the horizon, and "Dead Rising (Wii)" and "Dead Rising 2" are on the way. Although there hasn't been a ton of chatter about the upcoming next-gen version of "Splatterhouse," I've been quietly excited about the premise, more so than the screens and video that I saw. After a period off the radar, "Splatterhouse" is back in the news, but not in a good way.

New Book "Hater" Gets Genre-tastic Viral Campaign

The series of tubes has been percolating recently with the pending release of a new apocalyptic novel that has taken an nontraditional path to store shelves. British author David Moody took to the internet when he was ready to publish his latest novel, "Hater," and just let it all hang out.

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