Watchmen Schwag Sexy, Responsible

I've been staring at this all day trying to come up with something clever to say about it, and all I keep thinking about is the term "Smurf Penis". So... ya.

Here's the story, in case you want to ruin the one you've already come up with:

A source told that he and his friends were “handed a few of these Watchmen condoms in Columbus, Ohio over Valentine’s Day weekend.”

Adrienne Barbeau at Horror Hound!

Hey there horror fans. Got some news here on the Horror Hound Weekend front. HHW is the convention at the end of March in Indianapolis that a whole bunch of the BGH crew will be attending. News came down today that there's another amazing guest added to the attendee list... Adrienne Barbeau!

Tokyo Zombie Coming in April

Japan... land of mass teen suicides, tentacle sex, Kobe beef... basically all the things I want for myself, but wouldn't dare dream of trying to actually attain.

Now you can add to the list of things Japan has, "films that look vaguely like Shaun of the Dead". This one's a horror/comedy called "Tokyo Zombie", and is coming to you in April via those horror mongers over at Anchor Bay. Here's the synopsis:

'Goon City' is Pixel Art Crack for Nerds

Spottting references to our favorite movies and games is one of the many pleasures of being an ultra-nerd. As such "»

Ebayer Selling Clown Fear, Dry Humping

I really wish we had found this before the listing was closed, but Mark sent it to me last night and I couldn't think of anyone who would enjoy it more than you sick bastards.

The name of the listing on Ebay was "EXPERIENCE YOUR FEAR OF CLOWNS !!!!!!!@"

Confounding punctuation aside, I figured this was too good to be true so I kept reading. I was already thinking of calling the police after looking at that picture to the left... then I read on and decided the person who won is probably already dead anyway so, no big whoop. Here's the actual listing:

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