"A Galaxy Far Far Away", New DVD

I was sifting through upcoming DVD releases for March today when I stumbled upon this documentary, which looks like it would be a lot of fun for movie fans. It's called "A Galaxy Far Far Away", and was made in 1999 during the hysteria surrounding the release of "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace". Basically it's an examination of the resurgance of the Star Wars legacy and what kind of person it takes to stand in line for a month just for movie tickets.

Ed Boon (Midway) Makes Too Much Money

Folks that keep up with the gaming world know that Midway, home to the "Mortal Kombat" franchise, is in serious financial trouble. Once the rulers of the roost with games like "Killer Instinct," "Rampage," and "NBA Jams" (a personal favorite of mine) as well as the original "Mortal Kombat" games, Midway has faced serious hard times lately with the abysmal flop of "TNA Impact," among others.

Episode 64 - "Six String Samurai"


We tune up our axes and duel over this late 90's cult classic.

Purchase this Back Episode $0.99

Manhunt (Rovdyr) (REVIEW)

Although I'm not what you'd call an avid supporter of the proverbial slasher film, I can, at least, appreciate what the subgenre has to offer when all of the respective elements are constructed in a manner that doesn't seem contrived, convoluted, or overly calculated. If the film in question takes overly familiar characters, settings, and plot points and skillfully twists them in way that seems fresh and exciting, then I'm more than willing to overlook the borrowed ideas, paper-thin protagonists, and lackluster kills.

Haunting in Connecticut Based on True Story

For whatever reason, there is always a ton of interest in horror films when they are purported to be "Based on True Events". Back when "The Strangers" came out, we were pretty astounded by the traffic sent our way from people searching for the story that the film was supposed to have been based on. Of course, all they found when they got here was this... Helpful? No. Hilarious? Sure.

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