Lynch, Burton's First Short Films

This stuff was brought to my attention by a recent Hollywood Saloon article, that brought together a bunch of shorts from famous directors. I pulled out these two specific ones for the horror connection, and figured it was a good end of the day post for Friday. Hope you guys enjoy.

This first one is called "The Alphabet", and was the first film David Lynch ever made, way back in 1968:

"The HBO Effect" or 'Movies You Half-See'

Before the Hulu's and BitTorrents of the world came to be, children of the 70's, 80's and 90's had two options to see a movie after it's theatrical pass: rental, or a showing on TV. For many years, Home Box Office (HBO) was THE place to catch these movies, as it was a pay channel that showed films mostly uncensored.

Spike Finds PG Porn Not So PG

Guess Joe was pretty prophetic the other day when he said to me that the next installment of James Gunn's "PG Porn" was probably going to feature "full on insertion". Turns out one of the higher-ups at Spike (where the file's hosted), got wind of the latest installment "Squeal Happy Whores" and wasn't very happy. From James Gunn's Myspace blog:

I Eat Cannibals Music Video

No matter where you are when you watch this, you will become convinced that someone has slipped you some brown acid. Even sitting in your cubicle at work, you will think that the guy next to you that you hate has found a way to slip some mescaline into your coffee. I promise.

Make sure to stick around till about the 1:45 mark, to see some of the most mindblowing choreography that has ever been laid to celluloid. And hugs and kisses to whoever can explain to me what the fuck "I Eat Cannibals" is supposed to mean.

Comics Creepshow 28: Randall Flagg

With Comics, just as in any other medium, there are single stories that seem so well developed that you would believe the writer spent months, if not years, crafting the tale. Comic book writer/Novelist, Neil Gaiman is the perfect example of a writer who has produced a few of these types of stories throughout his career (and for you Batman fans- please, please, please pick up BATMAN # 686, which I consider to be one of the best Batman stories ever told!) Alan Moore also fits into this category. You might have read a story he wrote in the 80’s. I believe it was called WATCHMEN.

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