Hansel & Gretel (REVIEW)

Filmmakers who have opportunistically mined the endless depths of children's nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and the stories by The Brothers Grimm for cinematic inspiration have often yielded some very interesting, very mixed results.

The Nuclear Edge - 25 Years of American Thrash

So, it's been a quarter century since the rise of the original New Wave of American Heavy Metal. No, I don't mean the "current" one that attempts to boast bands such as God Forbid, Down, or Hatebreed. I'm talking about the original American heavy metal movement, one that left its indelible mark on both metal and music history.

Horror Headlines: Thursday March 5th, 2009

The creative team behind "Bend it Like Beckham" is hard at work on a horror comedy titled "It's a Wonderful Afterlife". I'm not even sure if I'm interested, but one of my New Year's resolutions is to report on one Bollywood horror film a week. This is my first one this year though, so I guess I'm not doing very well.

Well, it looks like that remake of "Motel Hell" is going to happen after all. It was originally dropped by MGM, and then picked up by Lions Gate, who then dropped it themselves, Now, supposedly, it's back at MGM and being directed by Steven C. Miller.

McG wants Robert Patrick back for "Terminator 5". Basically he would play scientist working on the technology that would eventually lead to the development of the "T-1000", which Patrick played in the smash hit "T2: Judgement Day" back in 1991. Actually sounds kind of cool to me. All this news is ALMOST making me forget about "Charlie's Angels". That is until I can see the film and judge for myself.

Do you want a "Dexter" figure for your desk at work? I have a feeling it will creep out your co-workers much more than the Jason or Michael Myers that's there right now. If the figure doesn't, the complimentary blood-slide will probably do the trick.

In Real People News: 

It's kind of sad but, if I was the one who found a wallet full of human teeth at Walmart, that STILL wouldn't be the strangest thing I've seen at one of those places.

Man able to see with the help of a bionic eye. That's a pretty cool story, but I won't be impressed until he can throw it down the hallway and look around like Rhona Mitra in "Doomsday".

Woman finds the "vertebra of a small animal" in her peanut Eminem. Hmmm... I can't imagine what kind of small animals would be running around a factory with peanuts... hmmm...

On this day in history: 

1982: John Belushi found dead at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood from a cocaine and heroin overdose. Cathy Smith is later charged with administering the fatal injections.

Ed Brubaker + Zoe Bell = Angel of Death

Comic writer Ed Brubaker, best known for his run on "Captain America" and his own book "Criminal", has a new webseries starring "Death Proof" star Zoe Bell. Bell plays an assassin who begins to hallucinate and be haunted by past victims after catching a combat knife to the skull. It's reminiscent of Max Payne (the game, not the movie) and has cameos from genre heavyweights like Doug Jones, Ted Raimi and Lucy Lawless. The first few episodes are up and a new episode will be released every week day until March 13. Here's the first episode:

The Haunting of Molly Hartley (REVIEW)

I thought I had adequately prepared myself for the experience of watching "The Haunting of Molly Hartley". I was wrong.

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