The Last House on the Left (REVIEW)

It was the summer of 1971 when two future horror legends, Wes Craven and Sean Cunningham, gathered in the woods to shoot "Last House on the Left". Almost more important than understanding what happens in the film, it's crucial to understand the world that the film was born into. At the time it was made there was a counter culture suffering from the burnout of a failed social movement and increasingly harder drugs, and a mainstream America whose children were being decimated by the seemingly never-ending conflict in Vietnam.

Horror Headlines: Wednesday February 25th, 2009

The answer the to the question no one asked me is "NO", I'm not interested in George Romero's film "... of the Dead", in any way. At the link though is a behind the scenes video in case you are. And for the record, if they do end up keeping that working title, it's only further proof of how bankrupt the whole zombie idea has become, that they can't even come up with a name beyond the generic title suffix "... of the Dead".

OH SHIT, Skynet is live! Well, maybe not really, but a pretty spiffy viral site for "Terminator Salvation" is, and it's a site that is claiming to be the the official spot for information on Skynet's research. We're told about the company in the first "Terminator" trilogy, as they're responsible for developing the AI technology that leads to the robot revolt.

Matthijs Van Heinjingen (how many tongues do you need to pronounce that?) will be directing "The Thing" prequel before he moves on to helm Zack Snyder's "Army of the Dead". Snyder, who directed "300" and the upcoming "Watchmen" adaptation, has had "Army of the Dead" on his plate for what seems like forever now. I hate to say this, but I think he's already going to be a little screwed by audience burnout on zombies. Hopefully though, he can make one last opus so epic in scale, that we can all put the braineating antagonists on the shelf for a while.

Principal Photography on "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (the remake) will commence on April 27th in Chicago, Illinois. Also, the official casting call for our man Freddy Krueger has been released, which means that we should be finding out who will be playing him fairly soon.

The CW show "Supernatural" has been renewed for a fifth season, to commence next fall.

In Real People News: 

I always thought Judo was kind of cool, but let's be honest here, there are a few things that will pretty much render a judo champion well... dead. Two at the top of that list? A hammer and a knife. Ya, that should do the trick.

Maybe I'm just becoming desensitized by reading all this insane news every day, but I had a genuine belly laugh when I read the headline "OCD Couple Botch Suicide Pact". Is it just me?

And just to make myself feel better for laughing at that, here's a totally harmless video of a deep-sea fish with a transparent head.

On this day in history: 

1932: Austrian Adolf Hitler granted German citizenship, to meet a "minor" technical requirement in order to run for president.

"Left 4 Dead" Inspired Porn, Already

In its short life span, "Left 4 Dead" has already come full circle in the gaming world, thanks to a short pornographic feature called "Left 4 Head."

From Kotaku

Some enterprising pornographers have parodied Left 4 Dead in a series of fleshy features that gives zombie smut lovers something to watch before bedtime.

Image Comics Does Lovecraft

I'll let some of our comic experts chime in with opinions on this in the comments, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up on Image Comic's new project, which sounds pretty sweet. It will basically take prolific horror author H.P. Lovecraft (great Wiki on his life for those not familiar with him), and put him in the middle of some supernatural stories. It's called "The Strange Adventures of H.P. Lovecraft". Here's the official synopsis:

Why Rourke Should Have Won

Mickey Rourke may have been snubbed at the Oscars, but he did get his Best Actor win at the Spirit Awards the night before, and this speech proves why he should win every award ever given out for everything.

Um, I don't know what you do honey.

Possible NSFW-ness for gratuitous F Bombs on live television, disgusting facial surgery aftermath and general pimptasticness. I can't possibly imagine why this guy has trouble landing jobs in Hollywood.

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