FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE... Bloody Good Horror is turning 1! To mark the occasion, we've put together this press release that we will be sending out all week. Here it is for your viewing pleasure. If you know anyone you think would have an interest in it, please feel free to send it along. Every little bit helps!

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As you're probably aware of by now folks, it's our 1 year anniversary around here. To show our appreciation for all the support you've given us over the last year, we wanted to do a special contest for you guys.

We've had lots of requests for our T-shirts, that the whole crew was sporting during last March's Horror Hound Weekend, so here we go.

Here are some helpful links if you would like to know more about the whole "Midnight Meat Train" debacle that is still currently going on. It turns out that the new head of acquisitions at Lions Gate may have an interesting connection to "The Strangers", which may be the reason for him holding back "The Train" so to speak. Very interesting, indeed.

Speaking of Clive Barker's latest adaptation, BD claims that if you break the numbers down, the film actually did pretty darn well, considering the circumstances. Should be intriguing to see how this plays out over the course of the week.

No worries folks, the Robocop reboot will in fact be rated R. So you will (presumably) have lots of melted faces to look forward to.

Sweet character posters for "The Watchmen", as well as a bunch of new stills for the film. Since Amazon finally shipped my copy of the original graphic novel, I'll hopefully be able to check it out this week and report back with my thoughts. The film still has 6 months till release, but is obviously taking a page from the "Dark Knight" book of marketing (ie not letting us forget that it's coming out).

Disney's adaptation of "Prince of Persia", starring Jake Gylenhaal, has been pushed back an entire year to June 2010. The move is reportedly in order to avoid being crushed in it's second week by Michael Bay's "Transformers 2", which I have to agree is most likely a good idea. A whole year though? They also say that they want to make sure the film has enough time for "post production", which is Hollywood exec speak for "tons of CGI". I guess it's inevitable that a film based on a game as flashy as this would need some CGI, but with a full year to perfect the effects, that stuff better be mindblowing.

A little something to send you off on your weekend...

Does this look gay?

This is a review of "Fear Itself" Episode #8
Titled "Skin and Bones", directed by Larry Fessenden.

"Skin and Bones", the latest episode of "Fear Itself", was not a total losing proposition for me, and that's more than I can say about most other episodes. It's been weeks since I was even motivated to stay up long enough to watch one of these episodes, so thankfully this one was half way decent.