Clutch - Concert Review

Let’s get through the early part of this in a hurry.

I arrived at the Chance fashionably late and missed Red Fang. So it goes. From what I can tell with my minimal research, they actually might not be half bad. I’ll have to keep an eye on them.

Box Office Special - All Eyes on Watchmen

In what was the thinnest release date of the year thus far, and "Madea" has managed to pull off a second week at number one. She was down considerably in total revenue, but hey, a win is a win. One of this week's new releases, the 3-D Jonas Brothers concert film, came in at number two, while the other, "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" bombed all the way down to number eight — though it's per screen numbers weren't nearly as bad as the total made it seem.

Horror Headlines: Monday March 2nd, 2009

"All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" will be getting a theatrical release this July 17th, assuming Senator Entertainment doesn't get cold feet for the 400th time and pull it again. Having seen it, I can pretty confidently say that this will be a limited release. It's a fun film, but not something with legs enough to stand for a wide release.

Coming in March, Magnet releasing is giving us a limited release for "Shuttle". You can find the listings at the link. The film concerns two girls returning home from vacation, who find themselves stranded in an airport on a dark, rainy night. Things get ugly when they board an airport shuttle, only to find out the driver has more than a few screws loose. After the release, "Shuttle" will hit DVD on April 27th.

Mark Romanek and Kiera Knightley team up for organ repossession film "Never Let Me Go". What's with all these organ repo movies lately? Do these people know something about the future that they're not telling me?

There is still a "Cloverfield" sequel in development. The film's creator J.J. Abrams spoke on the film at an appearance recently, where he said "the key obviously [to] doing any sequel is that it better not be a business decision". He went on to say, "We have an idea that we're playing with that we thought was pretty cool... I hope it happens sooner rather than later because the idea is pretty sweet". I had almost given up hope for a sequel, mainly because we're so used to the sequel assembly line these days. Looks like Abrams and Co. were just taking their time with it. Imagine that!

Wondering what Wes Craven's up to next? Which of his films will be getting the remake treatment? Well, STYD talked to him recently, and he's exploring the following ideas, in this order: "The Hills Have Eyes 3", a possible sequel to "Last House on the Left", a remake of "The People Under the Stairs" as well as his body jumping serial killer opus "Shocker". The "Hills Have Eyes" sequel seems closest to being made at this point, as Craven has already found a "European Filmmaker" that thinks he can take on the franchise and do it justice.

In Real People News: 

Coming soon to a website your work blocks you from seeing... a double amputee has her dream fulfilled by an effects shop who makes her a mermaid suit. Complete with creepy picture at the link.

Think you're having a bad day? This guy woke up to find a million car tires dumped on his property. A pile, in fact, which is visible from Google Earth... that wonderful program that allows us to mock disasters by saying "you can see it on Google Earth!" That seems to be about the most useful thing I've been able to do with it. That and, "hey, check out my house!"

How would you like to upload a picture to Facebook of you and your friends swimming in Sydney, Australia, only to have someone point out that the thing in the corner looks an awful lot like a shark? This story is bonus creepy due to the spike in shark attacks there recently. YIKES.

The largest consumers of porn in American are the Conservative, often religious states. This is usually where I'd make a snide remark, but I'm going to just let that one ruminate for a bit.

On this day in history: 

1997: The first successful cloning of a monkey performed.

The State of Horror: Extreme Times

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