There's Something in The Sea (Bioshock 2)

Nowadays, nothing builds anticipation for a high profile game or movie quite like a flashy viral campaign. I would argue that viral campaigns work better at their most cryptic, but I'm certainly not averse to a little tease here and there of what I should expect from an upcoming release.

Aussie Indie: Damned By Dawn

Here's a little Australian Indie called "Damned By Dawn", and although the title's a little too "on the nose" with the "Evil Dead" homage, I enjoyed this trailer. Perhaps too much CGI for my personal tastes, but these guy seem to have spent a ton of time building the atmosphere here, and that's something that too many filmmakers overlook these days. The official synopsis reads like this:

During a violent thunderstorm, a faily is awoken by piercing shrieks which summon the dead to rise again.

Garris Nails it on Remakes

Before a recent screening of "Parasomnia", Mick Garris, Wes Craven and Tobe Hooper were all asked about remakes, and their opinions on the subjects. I think we all know how Craven and Hooper feel, but it's Garris' words that really stuck with me. He perfectly sums up the issue with some remakes. Here's what he said:

UK Gets Saw Ride!

Our UK readers often lament that they don't get anything on time, or exclusively in their neck of the woods when it comes to horror. Well, depending on your disposition on the "Saw" series, that may be about to end. From the Press Release:

Opening March 14th at Thorpe Park in the UK comes SAW: THE RIDE, the world’s first ever horror movie-themed rollercoaster that is said to be the most terrifying ride in the world, testing the nerve of all who dare ride as it leaves you at the mercy of the film's master manipulator, Jigsaw.

Staines Road

Comics Creepshow 30: After Watchmen?

I am going to tweak a phrase that has been completely overused recently:

Who will be watching the “Watchmen”?

The promotions department at DC Comics is hoping that you will be, along with millions of other sometime comic book fans. They are also hoping that once you are done with Zack Snyder’s panel for panel adaptation, you will get the impulse to visit your LCS (Local Comic Store in geek speak) and pick up a few of DC’s other high brow comics. To coincide with the film debut of “Watchmen”, DC is putting together a promotional event - AFTER WATCHMEN, WHAT’S NEXT?

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