For the first time in a good long while there are a few horror films on the way that may actually get me to the theater. I have avoided horror on the big screen for sometime because of a hex I can't seem to break. No matter how I map it out I seem destined to get stuck behind the full grown man with a middle school kid's brain. The one who just can't handle his anxiety without broadcast, you know him...

"Oh shit, dog!"
"Dog, I wasn't scared, dog!"
"Oh shit!"

For those of you not all that familiar with the concept of the Uncanny Valley, it basically states that the more human-like that a non-human thing (usually an animation or a robot) appears, the more it freaks us out, until it becomes so realistic that we can virtually not tell the difference between the two. On one hand, you have something like the Real Doll (look it up, pervert) that from a distance can be mistaken for a human, save for the occasional hentai-esque humanoid.

Shawnee Smith will be in "Saw V", only she's not really sure how. I assume that means flashback footage.

BJ Novak of "The Office" is the next name to join Quentin Tarrantino's "Inglorious Bastards", next to Eli Roth. This move is following in Quentin's apparent plan to cast only Jewish actors in the roles. I read this as meaning that they'll be doing really offensive things, so he wanted to make sure that they were "kosher" so to speak. Also, Simon Pegg is reported to be in talks to play a British Commander.

Weenie Roast Massacre is today's award winner for Indie film I'm not interested in but gets mentioned because of it's awesome name. That is all.

Ed Sanchez ("Blair Witch Project") will be premiering his new film "Seventh Moon" at FANTASTIC FEST in Austin, Texas on Saturday September 20, at 10 pm. The film is his followup to "Altered", his small scale alien invasion flick from a few years back. If you're in the Austin area, make sure to be there! (PS - The image above is from "Seventh Moon's" poster, which kind of makes me want to pee my pants a little.)

Direct from Eduardo Sanchez himself, word comes that the director of "Blair Witch Project" and "Altered" is ready to unleash his next horror flick on the world:

The time has come to unleash this bad-boy on the world! No, not that bad-boy, silly! The new film!

SEVENTH MOON will be premiering at FANTASTIC FEST in Austin, Texas, on Saturday night, September 20, at 10 pm. Be there or be square.

For the full story, check out Ed's Haxan Film site!

After sending out our Birthday Press Release on Monday, we got the following response back from the seminal director of our generation, Mr. Uwe Boll:

bloodygoodhorror is a solid and interesting webside with a lot of crazy guys working on it all the best and happy celebration