The Last House in the Woods (REVIEW)

In the first five minutes of “The Last House in the Woods” a young boy survives a car accident that kills his father, then escapes the car with his mother only to have her be hit by a truck when she pushes the boy out of the way. Then, as the not-quite-dead mother is writhing in a pool of her own blood on the dark, lonely street, the driver gets out of his truck, picks up a heavy rock and proceeds to repeatedly bash her head in.

Battlestar 4.19 - "Someone to Watch Over Me"

On one of his recent podcasts, Ron Moore compared the story of "Battlestar Galactica" to a wide tapestry, and said that these last episodes serve as a tightening of the strings, to pull the whole thing together.

If you have watched this show since the mini-series I am sure you are feeling quite rewarded for your investment. Even though Moore has admitted that certain major plot twists were produced as the show progressed (a perfect example of this would be the reveal that Ellen Tigh was the final Cylon) it is clear that story has been moving towards a grand destination.

"Bioshock" Replica Syringe Scares Me

Out of all of the stark imagery from the "Bioshock" game, the 'Little Sisters' may be the most unsettling. Upon first glance, they appear to simply be generic demon children from your average possession flick, until you notice the fact that they are carrying giant rusty syringes filled with ADAM, the precious genetic material of Rapture. As if the image of a gigantic syringe filled with glowing red gel isn't creepy enough, there's a baby bottle nipple on the end of the ADAM chamber so that the little sisters can imbibe the luminous goo; yikes!

Clutch - Concert Review

Let’s get through the early part of this in a hurry.

I arrived at the Chance fashionably late and missed Red Fang. So it goes. From what I can tell with my minimal research, they actually might not be half bad. I’ll have to keep an eye on them.

Box Office Special - All Eyes on Watchmen

In what was the thinnest release date of the year thus far, and "Madea" has managed to pull off a second week at number one. She was down considerably in total revenue, but hey, a win is a win. One of this week's new releases, the 3-D Jonas Brothers concert film, came in at number two, while the other, "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" bombed all the way down to number eight — though it's per screen numbers weren't nearly as bad as the total made it seem.

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