Ed Brubaker + Zoe Bell = Angel of Death

Comic writer Ed Brubaker, best known for his run on "Captain America" and his own book "Criminal", has a new webseries starring "Death Proof" star Zoe Bell. Bell plays an assassin who begins to hallucinate and be haunted by past victims after catching a combat knife to the skull. It's reminiscent of Max Payne (the game, not the movie) and has cameos from genre heavyweights like Doug Jones, Ted Raimi and Lucy Lawless. The first few episodes are up and a new episode will be released every week day until March 13. Here's the first episode:

The Haunting of Molly Hartley (REVIEW)

I thought I had adequately prepared myself for the experience of watching "The Haunting of Molly Hartley". I was wrong.

Heroes 3.18 - "Exposed"

Smack dab, right in the middle of the episode "Exposed" was a quick "Watchmen" preview, showcasing Rorschach. For the people at NBC, this served two purposes:

1) Force people who are interested in seeing "Watchmen" into sitting through an episode of 'Heroes'.

2) Get 'Heroes' fans interested in seeing "Watchmen".

Unfortunately, if viewers shared the same mindset I had last night, the plan the NBC execs had backfired, and there was a third result:

3) Seeing bits of "Watchmen" showed just what an inferior program 'Heroes' is.

Mindblowing "Big Man Japan" Trailer

Here at Bloody Good Horror, we frequently voice our appreciation of films from Japan, China, North Korea, and Thailand (among others), even if we can never truly understand them as much as we'd like. In a recent runaround on YouTube, I think I may have found a film that exemplifies this disconnect perfectly; "Dai-Nipponjin (Big Man Japan)."

Synopsis via IMDB:

Horror Headlines: Wednesday, March 4th 2009

First real set photos from Rob Zombie's "H2" currently filming in Georgia. There's actually some interesting stuff going on here, including what may be considered *light* spoilers.

Jack Earle Haley says he "can't deny" the rumors of him being Freddy Krueger in Platinum Dunes "Nightmare on Elm St." remake. Haley is out right now promoting "Watchmen", as he plays one of the main characters, Rorschach. I also learned today the he's the suave kid from the first "Bad News Bears" film, and that until 2006 he had been out of acting for almost 13 years. Isn't it neat when you learn things?

Megan Fox in final stages of talks to co-costar in "Jonah Hex". This movie just got a lot sexier, people. You may worry about Megan Fox overload between this and "Jennifer's Body". But I mean come on, can you really get sick of one of the hottest women on earth wanting to star in genre films? That's what I thought.

Wes Craven has launched the site WesCravensLegacy.com, which is basically about how awesome Wes Craven is, including pictures, interviews, clips, and plenty of shilling for "The Last House on the Left" remake. That's not a bad idea, I think I'm going to start a website about how awesome I am. Thanks, Wes!

Sam Raimi is taking an "early cut" of his film "Drag Me To Hell" to the South By Southwest Cultural Festival at the end of the month. The film's actual release date is May 29th, but Raimi must feel pretty darn good about it if he's willing to put an "early cut" out in front of what is essentially the unwashed masses. I would expect reviews to be popping up by the end of the month.

In Real People News: 

It's true, the world's only PINK bottlenose dolphin is equal parts magical and terrifying. Awesome picture at the link.

Woman in Ft. Pierce, Florida abandoned her child in her car to play videogames at an arcade. She entered the arcade at midnight, and at one point someone walking past her car in the lot spotted her child and called police. The most important part of this story is this, I'm within driving distance of this place... you mean to tell me there's a 24 hour arcade somewhere near me? Sign me up!

On this day in history: 

1994: Comedian John Candy dies.

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