Horror Headlines: Tuesday January 24th, 2009

Filming on "H2" officially began yesterday. God, I really hate typing that title. Is that what it's going to be called in theaters? Anyways, Zombie says he'll be updating with some photos from the set today, so if they're interesting we'll bring those to you later.

Jamie Ray Newman, a young actress known for being on "General Hospital" and "Veronica Mars", has joined the cast of the "Witches of Eastwick" television adaptation currently in the works over at ABC. Also joining the cast, veteran actress Veronica Cartwright, who made an appearance in the original film.

Two "[REC]2" teaser images have shown up on a Spanish film site over the weekend. Nothing too exciting, but a good sign that we'll be seeing a lot more from this film very soon. You know, like hopefully a full trailer? Please?

FOX Searchlight has scored the rights to the book "Breathers: A Zombie's Lament", and brought Diablo Cody on to produce. You'll recall that we reported Cody's interest in the project last week, and now it looks like she's got the financial backers she needs to make it happen. "Breathers" is about a world where they have "zombie support groups", and that's about all I can type of the plot without wanting to bang my head on my desk so, that's all you get people.

This is probably a hoax, but if it isn't, it claims that Kevin Williamson is close to being signed on for an entire new trilogy of "Scream" films. I'm not sure in what universe that would be a good idea, but I suppose I've heard worse ideas... maybe.

In Real People News: 

Man loses his penis in some sort of "grinder". Authorities make it clear that they can not yet identify what "type of grinder" was used. The question I ask is, does that really matter? The words "penis" and "grinder" are already far too descriptive as it is. And PS: Putting your penis in any type of grinder is probably a worse idea than making another "Scream" trilogy. Not by much, granted, but still.

11 year old boy comes home and shoots his father's pregnant girlfriend in the head, killing her. He then went to school for the rest of the day. That seems like an interesting choice. I mean if you were going to kill someone, you would think skipping school afterward wouldn't seem like that big of a deal.

Want to see video of a home with 2 inches of shit on the floor? I didn't either, but sometimes we don't have a choice in these matters, people.

On this day in history: 

1988: Jerry Falwell loses his appeal to the Supreme Court, regarding an outrageous parody published by Hustler magazine. Falwell was shown as having had lost his virginity to his mother in an outhouse. The court ruled that public figures are open to parody, and the landmark case is still a basis for much of the rulings on the matter today.

The "Splatcademy Awards" are in!

Now that we've all endured that 'other' awards show this year, it's time to kick our feet up and enjoy Dead Lantern's annual Splatcademy Awards, an audio awards show for horror fans by horror fans. We've plugged the event on our podcast a few times, and now it's up and ready to be injected into your brainholes!

King of the Hill (REVIEW)

It could be argued that the line between horror movies and other genres is drawn by the choice of weapons. Chainsaws, machetes and fangs all belong to the horror milieu, while guns, grenades and bombs classify a movie as action or thriller. Rambo might slaughter twice as many people as Jason Voorhees but because he kills crowds of people all at once and with military grade weapons, he's an action hero and not a boogeyman.

Play the "Don't Shit Your Pants" Game

To most people, the "don't shit your pants" game is referred to as "everyday life," but if you are of the endeavoring sort that likes to simulate one of life's most uncomfortable situations, you may find this text based flash game from Kongregate to be your cup of tea.

Violent Video Games Have 'Numbing' Effect

You've heard it all before. Violent video games have been linked to simple antisocial behavior to full on school shootings, and everything in between. Numerous pieces have been composed on the subject, and are usually met with divisive opinions, generally separated along a generational divide. Although I generally seem to fall on the end of thinking that violent games alone don't produce killers IRL, a recent study has caught my eye.

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