This week we've got the following titles on tap for the Comics Creepshow:




What a great week to start a column reviewing horror comics. Since, I normally don’t go looking specifically for horror comics on the stands, I was shocked to see how many come out week by week. There was more than enough books to write about. I figured I would save some of the ones I bought today for next weeks column.

Just for Schnaars this morning, the Red Band trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's remake "Death Race". Good God Natalie Martinez is hot.

This one is also for Jon, but in a different way. Brett Ratner is at the forefront of a group of people trying to purchase the remake rights for "Mother's Day" from TROMA, so they can do a redux of the Charlie Kaufman film. This story doesn't really compute in my brain so I'm going to move on.

Production offices for "Diary of the Dead 2" are officially open for business, meaning filming on the sequel can't be far behind. Also, this officially shatters my notion of a meritocracy in the horror community. Although let's be honest, that one went out the window a long time ago.

Report from test screening of "Jennifer's Body": The movie's not so good, and there is no nude scene from star Megan Fox... to which I respond, thanks for ruining my day, Diablo Cody.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Can't you just feel it???

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about comic books is that all comics are filled with muscle men in spandex, whipping out bad puns, as they beat each other to death. For many people, the world of comics is embodied by the old Batman TV show, staring Adam West.

I've posted comments about the upcoming Wii splatterfest "Madworld" a few weeks ago, but that doesn't mean I'm not waiting for it with baited breath every waking hour until the ever-elusive Q1 2009. Yesterday, The Escapist pointed out that some are worried that "Madworld" will tarnish Wii's family friendly image.