Horror Headlines: Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Okay folks, what you're going to see at this link is a cool "motion poster" for Lionsgate's "The Haunting in Connecticut". It's incorporated by some audio that may send you searching for a phantom pop-up. So, consider yourself warned.

Daeg Farch is apparently too old to play Michael Myers in the upcoming "H2", because he's now taller than Sheri Moon Zombie, who played his mother in the first "Halloween" remake. Try that image on for size this morning.

Wes Craven's upcoming project will be keeping the name "25/8". According to Wes, it was originally supposed to be titled "Bug", but he says it was changed because "people were confused about it". Hmm... I suppose that could be because that was the name of a 2006 movie from William Friedkin? No?

Brian Yuzna and Ray Haboush, owner of Halcyon International Pictures are planning a 3D remake of "Reanimator". Yuzna was director on both "Bride of Reanimator" and "Beyond Re-animator". No word on if Jeffrey Combs will return as Dr. Herbert West.

New Trailer for "Terminator Salvation". Wow... I'm officially excited about this, despite McG's involvement. If this movie isn't good, expect about a 6 month long rant.

According to Production Weekly, the name of the "Let The Right One In" remake has been changed to "Let Me In". Wait, as in the 3 little pigs?

In Real People News: 

Is anyone really shocked that this morgue worker was found to have had sex with 100's of dead women over the last 16 years? Some even badly mutilated? People who work on the night shift freak me out to begin with, let alone at a morgue.

I've heard of some strange shit in my day, but I have never heard of a cat being used as a filter for a bong. That's either one giant bong, or one tiny cat, and I don't think either of those options makes this story any better.

On this day in history: 

1863: The National Conscription Act is signed, forcing all men between 20 and 45 years of age into the draft lotteries. Except for rich bastards, who could buy their way out for $300, or hire another man to serve in his place. The inevitable result is the week-long New York Draft Riots.

Childhood Terror: The Pincushion Man

I have no earthly idea what reminded me of this, but back when I was a kid my brother and I used to watch this one tape over and over and over. It was called "Grandpa's Silly Scaries". It was essentially what I know now to be cheap, old public domain cartoons, all packaged together and hosted by "Grandpa Al" from the short-lived TV show "The Munsters". Like all kids, our VHS collection was limited so the ones we did have got watched until they practically broke.

Horror Hound Radio, Issue #16!

It's about that time again... time for a new issue of Horror Hound! I don't have any really significant articles in this issue aside from a few blurbs, but I am featured in their "Writer's Spotlight" this month. Basically that entails an embarrassing photo of me accompanied by a short interview. It's a nice little way to introduce the staff writers to the readers, and allow me to say "look Ma, I'm famous!". If you already have your copy, look for it in the first few pages, near the index.

The Last House in the Woods (REVIEW)

In the first five minutes of “The Last House in the Woods” a young boy survives a car accident that kills his father, then escapes the car with his mother only to have her be hit by a truck when she pushes the boy out of the way. Then, as the not-quite-dead mother is writhing in a pool of her own blood on the dark, lonely street, the driver gets out of his truck, picks up a heavy rock and proceeds to repeatedly bash her head in.

Battlestar 4.19 - "Someone to Watch Over Me"

On one of his recent podcasts, Ron Moore compared the story of "Battlestar Galactica" to a wide tapestry, and said that these last episodes serve as a tightening of the strings, to pull the whole thing together.

If you have watched this show since the mini-series I am sure you are feeling quite rewarded for your investment. Even though Moore has admitted that certain major plot twists were produced as the show progressed (a perfect example of this would be the reveal that Ellen Tigh was the final Cylon) it is clear that story has been moving towards a grand destination.

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