If I’ve learned anything about living in Milwaukee its that the city loves movies, especially those weird, gross sort of flicks that get you riled up. A number of the city’s theaters have a storied history of running late night movies including the longest continuously running “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” screening. They’ve also got fantastic cheese, they love biking and “happy hour” is really called “after work until bed”. Don’t hassle me I’m local.

Tommy Wirkola ‘s 2009 Nazi zombie romp “Dead Snow” was a full on magical experience. And that means a lot coming from me because it had subtitles and I get confused easily. Now we have the trailer for the follow up, "Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead", and it looks balls out awsome.

Halloween time is rappidly approaching my friends and you know what that means. That's right... Art school drop outs working at your local hounted house attraction. I used to go to a real gem in Upstate NY that would actually give you a golf cart to ride around on the side of a moutain while people ran out of the woods screaming at you. No joke the guy who put us in the cart actually said, "Don't turn left because you'll fall off the side".

If there is a band that is a better example of the dangers that come with artistic evolution in the world of metal, I don't know of them.  In Flames has, over the course of their career, inspired more venomous rage amongst their fans than anyone this side of Metallica.  After pioneering melodic death metal with their early releases, they did the natural thing and changed course as they got older.  At first they dipped their toe into the sounds of nu metal, but quickly moved on to a mix of modern rock and sinewy guitar riffs that was more befitting a band of their age.

Well for anyone who read the books, Episode 10, “The Loved Ones,” finally delivers a bit of what we had been anxiously expecting. Kelly transforms into a vamp! Just a bit of a heads up, if it’s not obvious – Kelly being a vampire will be a major plot point throughout the series.