First Clip From Kevin Smith's "TUSK" Proves Kevin Smith Hates Canada

The first clip from Kevin Smith's upcoming movie "TUSK" has hit the tubes and it's a lot of fun if you remember those old Apple commercials with the guy who was or is dating Drew Barrymore. The flick is about a podcaster who travels to Canada and finds himself held captive by a man who intends to turn him into a walrus... I think. Any time the Apple guy is on the phone, I like to think he's talking to Drew Barrymore, sobbing his little heart out because he's going to die or something. Check out the clip below and look for "TUSK" to hit theaters on September 19th.

Exclusive Book Excerpt: "Anatomy of Fear" uncovers the inspiration behind "Tremors"

For horror film fans who like to know the stories behind their favorite scary movies, there is a new interview book that might be just what you're looking for.

Episode 300: This is Your Life, BGH!


We sincerely thank everyone who helped us get here, especially the fans.

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Rob Zombie Offers Lifetime Laminate Pass To Concerts

Are you a die hard Rob Zombie music fan?  Want a chance to help him make his next gore-tastic movie?  If you have $1,000 to spare you could kill two birds with one stone.

Scott Ian's "Swearing Words in Glasgow"

It takes a lot of courage to step out of your comfort zone.  For Scott Ian, that’s exactly what he’s doing, coming out from the behind the guitar, so long the sole identity of his artistic expression, and putting together a one man show describing his crazy career from the very beginning.  Ian, the formative rhythm man for Anthrax, has some experience as a television personality, but centering the attention on himself without the benefit of his primary craft is a new, and likely moderately terrifying, experience.


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