Album Review: Flying Colors - "Second Nature"

It’s been a busy year for Neal Morse. First, he helped put out the new Transatlantic record which my cohort Chris still believes (and not erroneously,) to be one of the best albums of the year. Then he popped out a solo record (as seen this week on this site!) and now he’s also gearing up to release the new Flying Colors record in the fall. Flying Colors, for those who may not know, is the on-again, off-again, whenever-we-have-time project that Morse works on with apex drummer Mike Portnoy, Steve Morse (no relation,) Dave LaRue and newish vocalist Casey McPherson.

Episode 297 - "Alien Abduction"


We discuss alien garbage chutes. And, other things...

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You'll Never Guess What "Sharklumbo" is All About...Unless You Already Did

Shark Week is upon us again and true to form, we're already inundated with more shark content than we can possibly handle. If you're the type of person who can't get enough of shark related portmanteaus (seriously, who are you?), the folks at Funny or Die have your number.

Album Review: Wovenwar - Wovenwar

As the tumult surrounding As I Lay Dying unfolded, I may have been one of the only people with a tangential attachment to the metal universe who had no opinion on the matter. That's not because of the details of the situation, but merely because no matter how big the band may have been in the mainstream of metal, I had never heard a note of their music, nor had I wanted to. The type of music they represented was not what I was interested in hearing, a feeling that somehow felt morally justified, not just artistically, as the saga continued to drag on.

The Instomatic Episode 11 - "Apocalypse Now"


The Instomatic returns! This episode, Jeremy B joins Charlie and Casey for a look at Apocalypse Now

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