Kyle Reese: What day is it? The date!

Cop in Alley: 12th... May... Thursday...

Kyle Reese: WHAT YEAR?

- The Terminator (1984)

It's true, the year is 2014 but it could just as easily been September in the mid to late '80s. The U.S. is having disagreements with Russia, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are hot and "The Tyranny Of Will", the new album from Iron Reagan, is right in line with the hardcore/thrash scene of that era. Heck, just invoking Reagan name turns the clock back a couple of decades.

When I was a kid in the early ’90’s, late at night on the weekends, I’d spend hours running through every zone and position I could possibly get my parent’s massive satellite dish.  This was, more often than not, in the hopes of finding a channel that might show a glimpse of boobs or maybe if I was really lucky a late-night re-run of Mystery Science Theater 3000.  However the best thing that I ultimately stumbled upon was an incredible new style of animation from Japan called “anime,” and “Akira” along with some random episodes of a show called “Dirty Pair” were the first anime these obscur

Most people wouldn't know it by looking at me, but half of my heritage comes from Poland. Knowing that fact, you might think that I would taken at least a passing interest in the music scene from that country, but that isn't the least bit true. Poland has not been a leading exporter of music I would want to listen to, but the fact that Decapitated comes from one of my ancestral homelands is enough to at least pique my curiosity.

Are you ready for an all new anthology adventure this Halloween?  Prepare yourself, V/H/S Viral is hitting V.O.D. on October 23rd! Check out the trailer below! 

Ever since his abrupt and to this day mystifying expulsion from Slayer, there has been a solitary spotlight focused on the activities of drummer Dave Lombardo.  His next move was the subject of much intense scrutiny, as fans worldwide clamored for the barest hint of motion on Camp Lombardo’s part, optimistically hoping that one of the greatest living drummers couldn’t possibly be hanging it up.  A true musicians, Lombardo has rewarded his faithful masses with the second album from side project PHILM, though the continuation of this experimental and musically tangential band may not satiate