Album Review: Epica - "Requiem for the Indifferent"

In the quickly multiplying and increasingly competitive world of folk metal, bands are given an early choice between two camps, each representing one of the possible idiomatic sounds of the genre. First, you could truly embrace the roots of the music you are channeling, incorporating an increased number of traditional or esoteric instruments and arrangement. The other path, equally valid in the halls of metal, is to bend more towards the melodic death metal trend, using the folk elements as garnish surrounding the main dish of metal being served.

Trailer: "Prometheus" (The 2nd trailer)

You know me: I'm not a big fan of remakes, reboots, re-imaginings, unneeded sequels or prequels. I tend to be unfairly critical of them, as I feel they're taking a shortcut in the originality department. That, and a good hunk of them just really, really suck.

EP Review: DZ Deathrays - "No Sleep"

Somewhere between the rock and roll of the White Stripes, the distorted two-beat fuzz of Nine Inch Nails' last album "The Slip," and the cadences of the Gorillaz lies the "No Sleep" EP from upstart Australian power duo DZ Deathrays.
Now, let's not get carried away too early. While the EP contains elements, that doesn't mean it is equal to the sum of all of them. Rather, the DZ Deathrays pick and choose their moments on this five-cut sampling of their talent

Dad and his Weird Friends Episode 9 - A Princess of Mars


This episode is not currently available for download or purchase. Please contact us to request that this episode be posted.

Sophisticult Cinema Episode 9: "Haywire"


Lady ass-kickings abound in Steven Soderbergh's "Haywire."

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