Targets (REVIEW)

In the latter half of the 1960s, Boris Karloff owed legendary exploitation film producer Roger Corman two days of work. Karloff was 81 years old, only had one functional lung and, when the cameras weren’t rolling, was mostly confined to a wheelchair, an oxygen mask strapped to his face. Even with his best days behind him, he was still Boris Karloff, the man behind the makeup of some of the greatest movie monsters to ever grace the screen.

Snapshot: "American Horror Story" and "Glee" Actresses Featured in Horror Photo Shoot

With his new hit TV Show "American Horror Story" gearing up for it's second season, its clear that creator/director Ryan Murphy is a fan of the genre. In a recent spread for Elle Magazine, Murphy teamed up with some of the actresses from both of his hits, "Glee" and "American Horror Story", to recreate scenes from classic horror films. Some of the movies tackled in the photo shoot? "The Creature from the Black Lagoon", "The Birds" and "Carrie" (pictured above).

Uniting Two Musical Worlds - Words with Cameron Argon

You got EDM in my heavy metal! You got heavy metal in my EDM! Such is the life and times of Cameron Argon, musician and producer at large known commonly by the names Big Chocolate and Disfiguring the Goddess. Combining the heretofore unblended elements of dubstep and death metal, Argon is one of the few who can walk in both worlds. With Disfiguring the Goddess' new release on the horizon, we sat down to talk about his music, his inspirations, the debate on drum triggering and more
M. DREW: Your career arc is an interesting began in heavy metal, but have now split your portfolio into two parts, heavy metal and EDM/dubstep. How did that happen?
CAMERON ARGON: Yes! I don't know! Was asked to remix a few metal bands... Started looking into drum and bass and dubstep for inspiration for these metal remixes.... and then POOF! Now I have a split career. [laughs]

Lockout (REVIEW)

Lockout: Guy Pearce

In 1981 horror icon John Carpenter co-wrote and directed the cult classic "Escape from New York" starring Kurt Russel as Snake Plissken; a disgraced elite special forces operative who is sent into Manhattan island prison to retrieve the President of the United States being held captive by the exiled convicts. 31 years later action producer extraordinaire Luc Besson gives us "Lockout", starring Guy Pearce as Marion Snow; a disgraced elite special forces operative who is sent to space prison MS One to retrieve the President's daughter (Maggie Grace) being held captive by the exiled convicts.

Horror Headlines: Tuesday, May 8th, 2011

The nice old man from "Babe" AKA James Cromwell has joined the cast of Season 2 of "American Horror Story". He'll play a doctor who goes to battle with his boss, played by Jessica Lange. Am I the only one who just got hungry for some bacon? I can't be.

Guillermo del Toro recently look to his blog to drop the science on why "At the Mountains of Madness" probably isn't happening any time soon. Now I'm confused as hell after reading his explanation but I'll try to explain here. It seems because "Prometheus" and the Alien saga in general is so heavily influenced by HP Lovecraft the camp putting ATMOM together thinks it's not a good idea to push it forward. I don't fully get it but maybe someone else can explain it to me. Also please explain how babies get made.

I don't want to piss in your Wheaties but in a recent interview Anna Faris reveiled that she will most likly not be a part of "Scary Movie 5". I know. I'm taking this pretty hard also. If they dare make a "The House Bunny 2" without her I swear to god I'll shoot someone in the face.

"Wolf Creek" mastermind Greg McLean is taking time off from giving out handies for spare change to fund a sequel to take the directing role on a new film titled "Kill Me Three Times". The film follows a woman in an Australian surfing town who is the link between three different stories of murder, revenge and blackmail. I was just kidding about the handies thing. I'm pretty sure he's just asking people for money. I mean he might be giving handies I don't know. What I'm saying here is I can neither deny nor confirm that "Wolf Creek 2" is being funded by a prostitution ring.

In Real People News: 

A 28 year old school teacher in Florida is facing a pretty hefty detention sentence after it was discovered she deflowered a 16 year old student during school hours. By detention I mean jail. I don't think they can put teachers into detention. It's a loop hole thing or something.

It's always good for high school coaches to challenge their players. Well maybe not always good. This Colorado Hockey coach challenged his players to a masturbation race. That's not good at all.

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