Album Review: Dirge Within - There Will Be Blood

Change happens so gradually it's hard to recognize the shift that's been made. Listening to “There Will Be Blood”, the immediate impression is that Dirge Within is a perfectly capable middle-of-the-road metal band. It's only when we stop and think that it becomes apparent how much metal has changed in the last thirty years. From the clinical guitar tones to the gruff shouting that encompasses most of the vocals, this is music that would have been extreme in the 80's, yet today it doesn't raise an eyebrow.

Episode 202 - "The Divide"


Avert your eyes, it's about to get weird...

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The Cabin in the Woods (REVIEW)

If it weren't already taken by a decidedly less impressive film, then "The Cabin in the Woods" could very well have been named "The Last Horror Movie". It would very neatly sum up what this flick seems to be aiming to accomplish.

What we're watching this weekend: Dispatches from podcast land

You may be wondering why you can no longer access "BGH Classics" - where we sold back episodes of the show for 99 cents - on the site any more. Well, we caught wind that the service we were using was not going to be available for much longer, so our fancy business guy Jon had to take time to do some research and find a new outlet to make that stuff available. He did eventually find one, but we're still in the process of re-uploading and organizing everything. My guess is in the next week or two, BGH Classics will be made available to the masses once again.

Snapshots: "Piranha 3DD" still happening

Remind me how many D's this movie has again?

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